Month of Movies: BlogHers Are Predicting "The King's Speech" Will Win. Have You Voted?

It's Oscar Night and here's where I'm at: The Social Network is hands down my favorite film of the year, but keep in mind that I've still got True Grit and The Fighter sitting on top of my TV stand. And I do agree with the majority of BlogHers that The King's Speech will probably take home the Best Picture statuette. Have you voted yet?...more

This is the first time in awhile when I felt like "wow, there were a lot of good films this ...more

Harvard, Final Clubs, and Sexism in the Movie "The Social Network"

"The Social Network" is more than just a movie about one young boy's rise from geekness; it exposes the privileged and sexist behavior fostered by final clubs, exclusive all-male fraternities that throw sex parties during which college girls are brought over in a bus, made drunk, and reduced to strippers and uninhibited sexual partners. It is known that these clubs/parties often involve sexual assaults, but nothing id=s done about it.  ...more

Facebook? The MOVIE? Like?

What next, I hear you ask: Twitter movie? Short script on that one, I reckon. The Facebook Movie is happening, and the creators are doing their best to give it an actual hook and plot. Would you see a movie based on Facebook history, which is all of five years old? ...more

i hear the book is actually quite interesting and pretty much everything Scott Rudin produces is ...more