A Night Out!

It’s been a while since I’ve had the luxury of meeting new people and making new friends. Mom knows that is last on the agenda, sleep is first! Now that I’ve caught up on all those lost years I’ve been able to venture out, and have been please to discover a world of techy women, like Robyn Cohen LA director for Girls in Tech, http://www.girlsintech.net and Megan from Megs Make-up http://www.megsmakeup.com. Mom Lounge is looking forward to all the upcoming social gatherings! ...more

Do Your Part, Be Happy

This week, I posted my Facebook status as “Nicolette had a good day.”  A few friends responded with comments and a client emailed me to tell me that it was just what she needed to ...more

Change.org Launches Blog Network, And They're Hiring

When Change.org started less than two years ago, its main focus was to be a social network where nonprofits and their supporters could connect and take action. In early October, the network re-launched as a social action blog network. Overseen by Managing Editor, Josh Levy, the network features 12 blogs covering a variety of causes: ...more

What is a blog post from it that has inspired you?

Fiber Focus, the Group: a new social network for International Fiber Artists and Sellers

Fiber Focus, the blog, now has a companion social network, Fiber Focus, the group.  It's a place where anyone who is passionate about fiber art and the world can meet others and have online fun.  Most of us have traveled extensively and are interesed in the global community.  Come join us! ...more

Thanks for posting.  I didn't know this group even ...more

Hi, I'm Julie, and I'm a Glutton for Stress

I realized today that human beings are gluttons for stress and anxiety. Namely, artists, but I would venture to say this is pretty universal. I doubt this is new information for anyone, I'm just trying to process the idea. Take for instance, web 2.0. In some ways it creates quicker productivity, connectedness, community, etc. But all of those things come at the price of anxiety. How often we apologize for things that never used to exist: "Sorry I've been a slacker lately with blogging..." ...more

Love this topic.  I stress over this everyday. I try and keep up with how many places I have ...more

The Power of the Internet and Weight Loss

The video below features Nancy. It’s a truly inspirational story about a woman who lost 500lbs without surgery. Nancy discovered the support of friends she found online, for motivation and encouragement, to lose a half a ton. She went from having no life to being all about life. Congratulations, Nancy!! Nancy is a great example of the power that friends and family, who are far away, can be. Having friends in an on-line weight loss social community can be equal to, if not, more powerful than somebody in your own physical surroundings. ...more