Embracing Your Label

Every person you know has one recognizable quirk or trait. A label. We can't build relationships without bridging connections between someone's face and something memorable about them, for good or bad. We all have a dramatic friend, bossy acquaintance, funny co-worker, or relative with that slightly unique habit, interest, or downright unbelievable belief. We're one or more of those things to someone else....more

What would do if you have less than five months to live?

That's how long my elderly neighbor has to live - less than five months. She won't celebrate Christmas this year. OK, so, I am being very blunt today and a tad bit cynical but if you are my facebook friend, you know what kind of a week I had. I don't mean to start the weekend with this grim thought but let me tell you a little background on this story. And yes, this has something to do with you too and later, I'll tell you what I am doing to prevent me from having to answer this question....more

Do you have any kids?

Do you have any kids? I have lost count how many times I have heard that question. It may be a by-product of age or expectation but none the less I find myself a magnet for it and I'm certain I'm not alone. It is like the question we get asked a party..."So, what do you do?" You can dread it, especially when you are unemployed. Both can make a person feel as if they are an outsider, looking in. ...more

Thank you so much for your comment. Women have so much to share and expanding our network and ...more

How old is too old to party like a rock star?

I went to party the other night... I took a shower, put on extra makeup, made steamy sexy hair, and wore my non-breathing tight ass jeans. As I jumped in the car, flipped up my visor mirror and stared at my reflection I thought, “What am I doing?” Then I put the car in gear and drove off. I drove the 57 minute drive, Corona bottles clinking as my mocking passengers, with female punk rock queens screaming in my ears the entire ride. “Don’t think, just don’t think and you won’t turn around…” ...more

What it feels like: Writing poetry again after 15 years

Truly fifteen years ago, after writing poetry and fiction most of my life, I stopped. There we many reasons at the time—all of which made sense—but the one that I did not consciously understand then, which I see so clearly now, was that I was afraid. I was afraid of my own voice, afraid of what I might say, and afraid I might—because I had had some true success-be heard. And so I stopped writing poems and stories, wrote only articles and essays, instead, and then, not many years later, left writing to work in technology. ...more

When I was a child being abused in my home, I began to write poetry so I could say how I felt in ...more

The Lawlessness of the Laws of Child Support

My exhusband owes me $59,810 in child support. That's right. Now ,before you point the finger and state how I should have had the support order enforced before it got to that point clearly, you have never lived the nightmare called child support. I live in the state of Pennsylvania and am now handicapped. I have raised two children alone one of which is handicapped and poor. I was not an unwed mother . My children and their father share the same last name. I was a teacher My exhusband is now a convicted felon due to his abuse of me among other things. ...more