SSN and Its Afterlife

What’s one billion? That’s about the number of possible permutations of the Social Security number. Which begs the question: What happens to an SSN when someone kicks the bucket?Currently, SSN’s are never repeated when they’re issued by the Social Security Administration. As of June 2011, the SSA made the issuance entirely random (previously, for example, the first three numbers were determined by place of birth)....more

Private Identifiers Not Private

Today’s commerce occurs very much online, with products and services ranging from A to Z. Hence, these many online merchants have hundreds of millions of people around the globe registered with them for convenient purchases....more

Sexy, Sexy Social Security

There is nothing remotely chic or glamorous about being poor and elderly.  Yet women are far more likely than men to find themselves in that exact situation.  Women make less and live longer, so smaller resources  have to stretch to cover  longer years....more

Armed and Dangerous - Social Security Gears UP

Color me confused. Ever since the President signed an executive order back in March which allows the Federal Government to seize and use private property in peacetime, I’ve been a little antsy. ...more

Social Security: Neutral in Name, Sexist by Design

Soon after we had our daughter, I read that elderly women receive far lower Social Security benefits than men due largely to motherhood. Having just become one, I visited the Social Security Administration website. ...more

Paying People to Stay Home

We don’t appear sick enough and I hear many complain about paying people to stay home. That $1037.00 I receive in disability benefits has been a dream of mine since I was 15, when I got my first paycheck from Taco Bell and saw my deduction for Medicare and disability benefits. Yes, this girl from Westminster, California is finally living the dream. ...more

Raising the Retirement Age: Bad for the Old, Disastrous for the Young

It almost seems as if there’s a conspiracy to no...more

Social Security: I Knew I Was Screwed, But What About My Parents?

I'm 37. I made peace with the fact there would be no Social Security payments for me when I retired a long, long time ago. But I never thought about it running out on my parents, who -- unlike me -- didn't realize how screwed they were during their "prime earning years." (cough -- raise your hand if your family nets the same now as you did in 2000) ...more

I used to save a ton before I had my daughter. I only have one child, and the unexpected costs ...more

Boomers as Burdens

Boomer bashing, always a fun activity for some, could become an extreme sport this year now that the generation has officially hit Medicare age. Instead of just going after boomers as self important bores the trend is to paint boomers as burdens. ...more
You have put it so well. Every generation faces the same criticism though. Until we change the ...more