Socially Awkward Like Me: The Quirky Parents of Children With Autism

I'm grateful for all the things my son Leo has taught me about myself. He has autism, and as a result I've spent years researching and learning about the traits that add up to his diagnosis. Along the way, I have come to realize that many of my own, quirkier behaviors are not in fact the result of moral failure or insufficient character, as I was socially conditioned into assuming. No, I'm just wired differently....more
I'm so very happy that your son has a caring mom who is self-aware.  :)  I work with kids with ...more

Sojourn Through Parental Types

The end of the year is always tough for highschoolboy (HSB). As I mentioned in earlier posts, he usually decides by the end of April that the year is over. This year has especially been hard for him....more

Unicorns, Butterflies and Daffodils

Spring has sprung. The air is warmer. The grass is green again. The birds are chirping. You can hear the crickets and the frogs at night. You can smell the fresh flowers and the trees as they bloom. The ancient Greeks celebrated spring as the return of Persephone to the world of her mother Demeter. For as Persephone lived for six months out of every year in the underworld with Hades, Demeter in her despair left the Earth fallow and without any growth, warmth or nurture....more

Bullying: Protecting Your Child

One of the issues that curtail and greatly interefere with your child's education is bullying. It has got to be the most debilitating thing watching you child be bullied. However, the reality is that there are things that can be done.   ...more

Sorry the above link to the Office of Civil Rights is broken. Until I can get it fixed here ...more

Is It OK To Be Rude?

There's been a rash of rudeness going around lately among public figures. But rudeness does not limit itself to narcisstic celebrities and arrogant politicians. In our personal lives, we all know people who act rude...some more so than others. Perhaps we ourselves have occasionally been impolite, offensive or unintentionally slighted someone. What amazes me are people who feel entitled, even obligated to be rude, crude, in-your-face, mean and nasty; not just to strangers but to of all people---their friends and family members...all in the name of love....more

Autism and the Holidays

We have come a long way from Tristan hiding under the table at holiday parties (or any gathering more than just his immediate family) and grabbing guest’s legs as they entered his space.  To an onlooker Tristan’s behavior might have seemed childish and fun, but not to me I saw years of parties with Tristan hiding.  So like anything else in Tristan’s world we began teaching him how to behave appropriately at a p ...more

Don’t Call Me Wing Nut, Moon Bat! Don’t Call Me Socialists, Neo-Con! & Civility Anyone?

Wait, come back. This post isn’t necessarily about politics.  It is a recognitions that there is a huge chunk of people who think that a discussion, debate and community discourse is what they see on television or heard on talk radio. It doesn’t really matter what topic you select. I’m sure cooking and knitting blogs have flair ups that started out because the a certain pan or needle was not being used. So is there any help for those of us that really don’t want to spiral into name calling, insults and posturing for the sake of making a point?  ...more

I'd been getting the email forwards for months. It was driving me nuts. Most of the time I ...more

Friendliness in an Unfriendly World

On a typical afternoon I often find myself pushing my son in his stroller as we buy our groceries, go to the bank, pick up our dry-cleaning and shop at the local stores on our busy street.  Sitting in his front row seat, meandering through the crowd, my three year old happily says “hello”, “hi” and occasionally “nice dog” to the many people passing by. Sadly, I have to report that few will reply, or say hello back or acknowledge his attempt at being friendly. ...more

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Wow, I Guess Cell Phones Really Do Cause Brain Damage

As a society, we are fascinated by gadgets of all kinds. Laptop computers, digital cameras, iPods, BlackBerries are our new best friends.  We take them with us wherever we go, we gaze at them lovingly, we we share our deepest secrets with them. Even those of us who are technological dinosaurs, tend to at least be hip enough to have a cell phone. But, like any new drug, our high-tech toys come with potentially serious side effects. ...more