Teaching Acceptance

I have watched last week's Glee episode no less than five times. It just gets to me.One Sunday afternoon, I took BG to our town's Christmas parade. We managed to find a spot right at the front of the sidewalk in front of this really nice older couple and their two young boys.  At one point, a young dance troupe went by made up of a few girls and one boy. I heard the boys snickering at this boy, but it was what happened next that floored me....more
love this! such a moving post. I have been trying to get this message scross for so long, you ...more

What the Childfree and Single-Child Parents Share

A mother of an only child recently wrote me about the top five "bingos" she has received as a "Done at One," or DAO.  They are more related to what's behind a lot of bingos the childfree get than you might think. Here they are:Top 5 Bingos to the DAO1. You only had ONE child? Why didn't you want more?...more
Love this article.  I have an Only.  This article and the comments have enlightened me and ...more

Finding Friends

We were in the Rainforest cafe in Grapevine last week. We were standing at the entrance, waiting for a table. Zane was wearing his Lego Batman shirt. Two little boys ran up, and I got nervous. Random children don't usually show up wanting to talk, and I immediately thought they were students that I had met through my job. Then I realized that these two boys weren't there to talk to me. As if! ...more

Why We're All on the Autism Spectrum

Being an autism parent has always been a convenient way to laugh off my social ineptitude. But what if I'm more than just quirky? I came home from IMFAR determined to explore the matter. The first thing I did was take the AQ (Autism Quotient) test. I was careful not to exaggerate my responses, taking the milder options when unsure. I still scored 32, above the test's threshold. What does this mean?...more
I have Aspergers and don't feel particularly  disabled by it. I do acknowledge that I have ...more

What Do You Wish You Knew In High School?

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Socially Awkward Like Me: The Quirky Parents of Children With Autism

I'm grateful for all the things my son Leo has taught me about myself. He has autism, and as a result I've spent years researching and learning about the traits that add up to his diagnosis. Along the way, I have come to realize that many of my own, quirkier behaviors are not in fact the result of moral failure or insufficient character, as I was socially conditioned into assuming. No, I'm just wired differently....more
I'm so very happy that your son has a caring mom who is self-aware.  :)  I work with kids with ...more

Sojourn Through Parental Types

The end of the year is always tough for highschoolboy (HSB). As I mentioned in earlier posts, he usually decides by the end of April that the year is over. This year has especially been hard for him....more

Unicorns, Butterflies and Daffodils

Spring has sprung. The air is warmer. The grass is green again. The birds are chirping. You can hear the crickets and the frogs at night. You can smell the fresh flowers and the trees as they bloom. The ancient Greeks celebrated spring as the return of Persephone to the world of her mother Demeter. For as Persephone lived for six months out of every year in the underworld with Hades, Demeter in her despair left the Earth fallow and without any growth, warmth or nurture....more

Bullying: Protecting Your Child

One of the issues that curtail and greatly interefere with your child's education is bullying. It has got to be the most debilitating thing watching you child be bullied. However, the reality is that there are things that can be done.   ...more

Sorry the above link to the Office of Civil Rights is broken. Until I can get it fixed here ...more