Social Work the Protected Title

As a social worker I feel a great amount of pride about what I do, but that doesn't make me a social worker. I often hear people describe the profession of social work with a job description. That's like saying a doctor is someone who listens to your lungs and looks down your throat. Though those are things a doctor may do as part of an exam, those things do not make one a doctor. In the same thought a social worker is not someone who assists with food stamps, or works at CPS....more

What books do you recommend for trainee social workers?

Any student like you before choosing social work as your academic subject of study should find out about the books that are recommended for you to read. This is essential as reading these books will enable you to enter into the world of social work successfully. The books recommended may include academic or even non-fiction and fiction as well. With the evolution of internet technology, you can access books about social work through online as well. They are available for downloading. However, not all the books are free for accessing through the internet....more

The Role of Social Workers in Immigration

As social workers, it is our responsibility to provide services to marginalized populations in our communities. Among these marginalized groups, there is one in particular that can often be difficult to reach: undocumented immigrants. Unfortunately, this is a population with dire needs for the exact services social workers have to offer.Problems Confronting Undocumented Immigrants...more


We are all guilty of complaining about our job, co-workers, and supervisors for one reason or another. In the world of Social Work, these issues are exacerbated two fold, and often cause serious debilitating stress and anxiety. Throughout my journey as a SW, I often interview my cohorts to get their perspective on our career and their ability to cope with the chaos that ensues around every corner?...more


I have had ample experience with parents suffering from mental health disorders and frankly, it can be quite frustrating. The worst mental illness that I have experienced as a social worker is Bipolar Disorder. There is absolutely no way to predict if a parent will treat you like the messiah or curse you into tears. I recently received a case in which the mother suffered BPD, which immediately raised my excitement level because mental disorders are intriguing....more

Why I Became a Social Worker Instead of a Dolphin

March is Social Work Month. What? You didn't know this? C'mon. Surely you must be celebrating the profession responsible for removing children from their parents' custody and switching all of those babies around in hospitals.  I mean really, if you watched movies on Lifetime television, you would know what "real" social workers do.  And with that, I'm illustrating why we need a sarcasm font.  I don't often write about my "offline" life when I am in an "online" space, but I think it's time for me to talk about what I've been doing for the past twenty years. ...more
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Social Work: Most Days I Do More Harm Than Good

Talking about my job is an uncomfortable situation most of the time. The chain of events is so predictable, I can pretty much mark it out scene by scene. With strangers that I am unlikely to ever see again, I give the quick answer, "I'm a social worker, I work with kids." That usually satisfies them. We move on to another topic. But talking to people who know me a little better -- like my psuedo-family who I spent the holidays with -- can be even more challenging. ...more

I began my career in social work as a child protective services worker and it has always been ...more

Mark Sichel, Burning Moms in the Town Square?



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