What the Murdered Teen Tiffany Gayle Means to Me...

Tiffany was a teen who used to live in my neighborhood until few years ago. She was beautiful, full of life and only fifteen. In 2010, Tiffany was beaten to death by her parents at her own home. ...Photo Courtesy: City News Her name was Tiffany Gayle.......more

The Importance of Marriage...

Talk show host Wendy Williams made a comment to an audience member about the importance of being married if you are buying property together.  She said that she was "old fashioned" about that kind of thing.  She believes that you need that "piece of paper" to protect yourself but that if you can have as many kids as you want without being married. Yes, whatever you do don't buy property together without being married! This is a prime example of what the direction society is taking and it is truly a shame......more

Are We Becoming Another Tower Of Babel?

Comments from my blog post two nights ago sparked some meditations for me.Though I don't want to see us lose our past and forget the eloquent arts of how to write or how to speak, I also see that we're evolving.When you stop and think about it, it's not just that the world is shrinking. With the influence of technology and our society's adaption, we are learning and forming new languages and cultures.We just don't think about it that way....more

Hypocrisy and its different shades

Sometimes our greatest irks define us more than our accolades. There is a growing trend to appear more intelligent than the lesser mortals, topics like 'How dumb is that?" is getting far too common for the good of society. I had originally posted this article on my blog http://antoniarapheal.wordpress.com/ and thought it a good idea to repost this here. ----...more

Opening my mouth by closing my wallet

"Vulgarity begins when imagination succumbs to the explicit." - Doris DayYou know, I didn't want to be another commentator on the recent MTV Video Music Awards show, and yet, here I am, typing away from my little corner of the world. Since I can't watch the news without being constantly reminded of this ridiculous dance routine, I just can't stop thinking about how disgusted I am with the vile performance by Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke, and all those involved in such a complete display of vulgarity....more

Swaddling: Wrapped Up In Controversy

GahhhI've got to go on a little rant here. There is nothing more frustrating to me then the media coverage of research done regarding the safety and well-being of our children, twisted and construed in order to get attention, stir up some controversy and do nothing but leave overwhelmed parents confused and paranoid....more

The Plastic Princess,How Far We Have Fallen

(Originally posted @NatalieElizabethBeechToday, I have been reading,with my usual.. not quite disdain not quite distaste.... The ongoing articles that bombard from all my favourite online newspapers.What is the offence?A world renowned Essayist,Novelist,Critic and Man Booker prize winner, has the "audacity" to label the favoured Princess, "plastic"....more

Sunday Morning Questions

Went to see “Lincoln” yesterday.  Such a poignant and important movie, the dialogue was absolutely intelligent, fired off with such expertise and wit that I found myself laughing at the smallest nuance of speech....more