(VIDEO) Fostering Self-Esteem in Our Children: But There's Nothing Worse Than Being Told You Did a Good Job When You Haven't

Yesterday, my fifth grader threw what really can only be called a temper tantrum. He had been trying to write a persuasive essay, his homework for the weekend. Unlike the other kids who had chosen topics such as “Why Hot Dogs are Better Than Hamburgers” and “Why the Celtics Should Win the Championship,” my son had decided to take on poverty in Africa. He was arguing for greater independence by the African nations and less reliance on foreign aid. Yeah. So when he found it just a little harder than he expected, he became frustrated, burst into tears, and gave up. ...more

Maybe I'm a skeptic but as person who works in the area of self esteem development with clients ...more

Finding Peace Through Ladies and Headcarves for Babies

My Biz Partner wrote this and I just had to share it .... so true for all of us. ...more

Overwhelmed moms confess

If one of the names you answer to is "mom," chances are good that you live a decent portion of your life feeling overwhelmed. As if the responsibility of caring for another person's (or people's) every need isn't enough, you most likely also have a house to maintain, bills to pay, perhaps a job to go to or a business to run, a blog (or two or three) to keep up, a partner to cheer on, organizations to volunteer for, classes, activities or meetings to attend or to shlep kids to, and the list goes on and on and on. ...more

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Motherhood: Fact vs. Fantasy

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