Babies sans socks

Musings of a second-time MumBabies sans socks...more


Socks for Mother's Day

I wear socks All The Time. I hate walking around barefoot, but I also hate wearing shoes indoors, so I tend to kick off my shoes when I get in the house and then walk around in my socks all day. (I'm in my house almost all day, most days.) The unfortunate consequence of this habit is that my socks wear out pretty quickly and need replacing....more
That's a great tradition!  I love that every time you look at your fun socks, you can remember ...more

Rent Socks

Some of you know that I have a very long commute to work - 84 km (~50 miles) each way. In addition to this, my role at work has been changing lately and now I'm doing training in a classroom setting. The result of this is that now I have a hard and fast start time in the mornings and when you have to cross a city of a million people to get to work, traffic is unpredictable at best. So on the days when I teach, I spend the night before at a friend's place much closer to work. We have experimented with how to compensate her for this. She's not really comfortable taking my money....more

Packing+Unpacking life= Dryer life

If you do wash, you know the issue.Where are all the socks and underwear? I mean does the dryer eat them and throw them away? Does it have its own goodwill bag?It really makes you stop and wonder.While unpacking, I find ONE.One sock, mug, comb,pair of socks, and as I wear my way through the boxes, I wonder where else things are supposed to be.If anyone finds out, please let me know, ok?  ...more

Things are Looking Up!

I always think of March as being something of an endurance test - something to get through before April and Spring starts in earnest. But today, on the 9th, I feel like things are looking up. First of all, the sky is blue and the snow is melting. ...more

The Socks from Hell

I have conquered the Socks from Hell.It is not so much that I have subjugated these hand-knitted demons to their knees so much that I have brought them to my feet. Snugly, quietly, they embrace my very soles, and you would never guess how much anguish, toil, trouble, and sheer screaming frustration it took to get them there....more

In the pink

Grandma was a breast cancer survivor, but that was wayback when I was in high school and hasn’t been spoken of much in my kids’ lifetimes. I hope they never have to face the fear, doubt, and uncertainty of a cancer diagnosis. I pray they never have to virtually hold their breath during the subsequent treatment and – hopefully – recovery.***Ten minutes before we’d-be-late-if-we-weren’t-exiting-the-driveway, my oldest son told me he needed a pair of pink socks.“What!?”...more

Introducing Socks for Smiles

My daughter revealed something huge when we were back to school shopping last year. I let her pick out socks from the big end cap at Target where they are sold in single pairs. This was her first time picking socks from the adult section. Her feet grew from a kid's 2 to a woman's 8 in the 15 months she had been my daughter.She was so excited to pick out socks! She thanked me profusely.She said, "I only had white socks when I was in foster care. I love it that you never buy me plain old white socks. I hate them."...more