My secret addiction

Do you remember when you were a kid and would hide things from your parents.  I can remember hiding candy in my room and saving it for a time to satisfy my sweet tooth.  I never thought I would have to do the same thing with my husband. ...more

The Soda War

I've gone 48 hours without soda, now. I've had this theory that if I had my soda in the morning I would keep true to my other goals. If I had that "aaahhhhhh"  moment when I had the first drink of my beloved Pepsi, that all would be right with the rest of my day, and I could wean myself off of soda as I got closer to my goal. While I still believe that my Pepsi will do just that for me, I worry. I worry about diabetes. I see commercials about "diabetic nerve pain", amputation, blindness & living a life on insulin....more

How Big is Your Cupholder?

image via The Onion  ...more

Fast Food Chains Push Soda for Breakfast

The vaguely mimosa-like Mountain Dew A.M. ...more

Healthy Alternative To Soda: How To Make Water Kefir

We all know soda isn't healthy, but giving it up is not always easy. Are there any healthy alternatives to soda? You betcha! Water kefir, my favorite beverage, reminds me of cream soda with a slight tang. Personally, I prefer water kefir over kombucha. Both of these beverages are so enjoyable I have continued to brew them while living in our RV, where space is tight and everything we brought had to be "worth it." Water kefir and kombucha made the cut....more
 @Genie Gratto This post is awesome, Genie, and I plan to go looking for the Kefir grains this ...more

Here's Why You Shouldn't Drink Soda

We all know about tooth decay from the sugar and the elevated risk of diabetes, asthma, and heart disease associated with obesity. But there are plenty of other reasons not to drink soda....more

Guest Blog - My Body as God's House

If you've been following along at all, you know we're not very religious around here. As such, I am always super interested in those that live their lives in accordance to some of those guidelines. Rebecca at "Blogging With Goodly Intentions" is one of those. Her blog is captivating to me. She's agreed to do this guest post for me, and I am forever grateful. ___ ...more

Diet Soda No More

Diet Soda, I am *so* over you! I started drinking diet soda in my teens. I started drinking soda around age 4....more

Just add a little lemon or grapefruit for flavour :)more

Kids and Soda

I barely allow my kids to drink juice.  At every meal they can choose between milk and water.  Maybe on a warm summer day after playing outside we cool off with a glass of lemonade.  I went to pick up my 4-year-old son from a new friend's house and he was drinking a CAN OF SODA.  I was speechless.  First, I felt mad.  Then I saw the 2-year-old baby drinking soda and I felt sad.  I never remember being a soda drin...more

The Sodastream

    Bear with me.  I have wanted to do a video for the blog in the worst way.  Unfortunately it is the worst video, like ever....more