Bloomberg's Soda Ban Would've Worked

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NYC Needs Public Education, Not Soda Regulation

Today, New York City's health commission is slated to decide whether to limit the size of "sugary drinks"sold in the city to 16 ounces or less. While obesity and its impacts on health are problematic, the city's effort to regulate health through the soda industry while continuing to allow the sale of other potentially deadly goods is off the mark. Funds and efforts should be aimed at public education, not soda regulation.   ...more

Super-Sized Nanny State Reaches Big Gulp Proportions

Happy National Donut Day.That was the message from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg just a day after he announced his proposal to ban large fountain drinks because they're bad for you.Even Today show host Matt Lauer scoffed at the hypocrisy: "It sounds ridiculous."Bloomberg countered that "one donut is not going to hurt you."So, the beverage lobby's bad? The donut lobby's good? Got it....more
I enjoyed your article.  I am a NY'er and am annoyed by this need to legislate my soda ...more