How Much Salt is Too Much Salt?

I love salt and use it liberally in my food. I've always congratulated myself on not eating a lot of processed food and instead making everything from scratch. But as I read Michael Moss's Salt, Sugar, Fat, I started to realize that just because I'm making my bread or tomato sauce doesn't mean that I get unlimited rations of salt, sugar, or fat. So how much salt is too much salt? ...more
If you eat processed foods then you shouldn't add any salt to the food you could or not. We have ...more

Are your kids getting too much salt in their diets?

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released new research on sodium intake, in which they observed the sodium intake and blood pressure of 6,235 U.S. children and adolescents.According to the findings, boys consume more sodium than girls do and lowering this intake -- while increasing exercise -- can help to reduce elevated blood pressure in children and teens....more
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What's All The Fuss About Sodium?

New Dietary Guidelines. Surprise! Decrease Sodium Intake!

If you were doing a crossword puzzle and the clue was sodium…it is likely the answer would be salt.  Salt or sodium chloride  is the  solution for the  New Dietary Guidelines too!  These  Guidelines  come out  from the USDA every 5 years....more

Mini Guide To A Balanced Diet

What makes a balanced diet? With all the conflicting info on food pyramids and carb counting, it's tough to remember the basics. Here's a breakdown of the nutrients you need for a healthy body—and the foods that provide them. Protein—Protein is necessary for building strong muscles and protecting the immune system. It also helps slow the speed of digestion and makes you feel full faster....more

Why We Love Salt

From I had the pleasure of visiting the tiny Dutch town of Delden recently. Because it looked like a Dickens Village, especially since it was a white Christmas, we went back for a second time to explore the village a little more; our first time had been for a Christmas Eve service on a freezing night (the 14th century church served killer hot chocolate and cookies afterward. These Euros really know their chocolate.) So during the daylight we walked through the cobble streets and came upon a salt museum....more

Low Sodium Salt - How About No Salt at all?

I've just been reading this past article about so called designer salt that hopes to reduce the sodium in food by 25% - as a well know commercial says every little helps but can't we do more that this? The article makes reference to Susan Weiner Nutrition Susan Weiner explains that sodium, which can show up in large amounts in processed food, is something to keep an eye on to help control blood pressure and promote health....more

Thanks you for your thoughts Cherre - I do agree with you however surely chefs should take some ...more

Training our children's palates with healthy foods

When I first introduced my children to food when they were infants, there was a lot that they truly enjoyed, and none of it had any sugar or salt added. It was all they knew, and they were thrilled. I even made the food myself, and still did not add any seasonings to improve upon the flavor....more

What do Obesity and Sodium have in Common?

You may or may not have guessed it: It’s High Blood Pressure! As recently reported in the LA Times, high blood pressure is on the rise (no pun intended). Using two sets of data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (1988-1994 and 1999-2004), the researchers came up with a standardized, age-adjusted figure. ...more