Exclusive Interview: Fastpitch Phenom, Angela Tincher: Part 1 - The Beginning

Softball pitcher, Angela Tincher, 2008 National Collegiate Player of the Year, third on the NCAA all-time strikeout leader list, and National Professional Faspitch player, was kind enough to take a break from her busy softball schedule to answer some questions for PrettyTough.com Six months ago, Angela Tincher led Virginia Tech University to a historical no hit, shut out win against Team USA. Every amazing athlete has a beginning. Check out Tincher’s story of her softball beginning below.  ...more

I love to read stories about successful youth athletes. My sons pitch at the college level, ...more

Sore Loser

So it has been 10 years since I've thrown a softball, but that all changed on Tuesday night at our local co-ed slow-pitch softball league (comprised of only four teams). And I'm a sore loser...literally. For more, go to http://meandering-mama.blogspot.com/2008/05/sore-loser.html ...more

Softball Lessons

   My daughter started softball this spring.  She's seven, totally inexperienced and very excited.  I'm hoping that she'll learn all of the important stuff that she needs to become a good ball player, but I'm hoping she'll learn some important life lessons as well.  A very inspiring story from the news this week makes me believe that my hopes may be justified. ...more

Thanks Lisa - this story made my week too.  Anything that restores our faith in humanity ...more