The Chobani Experience in NYC for Greek Yogurt Lovers

The Chobani Experience in NYC for Greek Yogurt Lovers Greek yogurt is all the craze right now, especially in the USA.  You go to any grocery store and you’ll see the refrigerated section stacked with a multitude of options....more

The Churches of Soho Square

It is easy to miss these three churches in Soho Square, but they are fascinating, and they all carried memories for me....more

The Statues of Soho Square

George Bradshaw and I are exploring London with his Hand Book  to London of 1862. Yesterday we lingered in Soho Square to 'stand and stare' at the statues....more

This Mother-Daughter Team is Changing How You Live in "The Cloud"

When most people think about a "cloud," they think of fluffy, white cotton balls floating in the sky. When Jenn Donogh and Kathy Nelson think about a "cloud," they’re thinking about how to manage the large amount of data that powers our businesses (and lives). ...more
@ovaleye great article i am proud to work with you!more

Brazilia is Paradise

I actually went on vacation to Rio, so I missed the store opening of Sobral in Soho. My good friend Kristen Lawler invited me, but I chose Rio over the event hehehe.Anyways -  from what I heard, the designer himself was there, charming the crowd and explaining to everyone his inspiration.  One collection features paper thin gold colored metal (next season that will become real gold) that is painstakingly placed underneath resin with chopsticks....more

It's a Party...You're Invited!

I am participating in a Group Show entitled "Unframed Portraits: The Self and Others" at the Broadway Gallery in New York for two weeks in June (June 1 to June 15). ...more

Busty Mannequins

While in Soho, we passed this store window. See how the busty mannequin is standing upright while the other one is kinda slouched? ...more