Solar Energy. How far we have come and what is still ahead that is amazing.

*** Solar Life ***Everything always changes in our lives. Each day is never the same....more

The Warmest Day of Your Life - So Far

Okay, try this with me: Bring up the memory of the hottest day in your life. Picture it: Where were you that day? What were you doing? Who was with you? How did you cope with the heat? I'll start. ...more

Top 5 Universities Powered by Solar Energy

As the Solar List's SolarBowl gears up for kickoff on October 1, it's only fitting to take a look at the universities in the United States that have gone above and beyond to bring renewable solar power to their campuses. While college students compete to educate the most homeowners about solar energy in the Solar List Solar Bowl, check out these five colleges already making a difference in the solar energy world....more

Back to Basics: It's Time to Get a Clothesline / Start Line Drying

This is a repost from last year, on a topic I feel strongly about -- going green, especially when it saves money and adds quality to our lives!:...more
I love the fresh smell of sheets from the clothesline! It is a refreshing gift from Mother ...more

America's Investment Toward Energy Self-Sufficiency

In September I wrote about a green technology concept for stabilizing the European economies in Survive the Next Industrial Revolution: Come from your Heart....more

Nuclear disaster in Japan, oil disaster in the Gulf. What's next?

The nuclear meltdown in Japan and the recent oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico may seem unrelated, but they're not....more

Solar Powered Green Web Hosting With AISO.Net

When seeking out a new web hosting provider, there are several pieces of criteria that most use to ensure the best possible provider is chosen for their web site. It is becoming increasingly more popular to seek out hosting companies that are either using green technologies to power their services or those that minimally give back to the environment with the purchase of credit offsets or green tags. One web hosting company that has opted to bypass the credit offsetting and is actually using clean, renewable energy resources is AISO.Net....more

Thank you for this blog post. The commenter, then, becomes the critic who shapes the writer's ...more

A Solar Energy Fiesta

I wandered through New Mexico's 9th annual Solar Fiesta this morning. It was crammed with workshops, exhibits, kids activities, and all sorts of solar and sustainable energy information. ...more

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