The real toxicity of online feminism

[TW: Transphobia, online harassment]...more
"Is Goldberg really comparing being told 'this is offensive' to being sent photos of lynchings?" ...more

Is Solidarity for White Women?

This is not the post I was originally going to write. My original post was going to be something along the lines of There Is a Problem With the Miley Cyrus Performance, But its Not What People Are Talking About. Which is a ridiculously long title, so it's a good thing I got pushed in another direction. ...more
yes, that magical moment where we learn to hold the space and let the speaker tell it, without ...more

While My Sisters Gently Weep

I stood in the dark solace of my kitchen with my hands clenched tightly against the sink. My teeth dig into my lower lip as the silent tears began to burn my cheeks. The only interruption of this quiet moment were the sounds of my sniffles as I did everything I could to hold onto the last bit of composure I had within me. Then, I couldn't. I just couldn't hold it back any more and the tears flowed, my nose dripped, my lips quivered, my shoulders shook, and my soul cried out for relief as I released everything I'd been holding in. I kicked the cabinets and pounded the sink, as I cried and cried and cried. ...more
THIS, my friend, was amazing. Thank you.more

Excuse Our French, but F*CK Feminism

by D.Z. Walker & C.C. Mendoza of Brown Mommy Media...more