Solo Parenting as a Mom with Depression

 My husband just finished a three-day backpacking trip....more

Home A...Loan

I sat there staring for a minute, hesitating before putting pen to paper.I had wanted this moment for so long. The chance to call our tiny apartment ours.I dreamed about it for so long, never daring to think about it becoming a reality.It was one of those dreams held up high on a pedestal– the ones whose pristine state are not be altered by something as mundane as reality.As I stared at the papers, there it was…our apartment described in detailed measurements and geographical location…and it could be mine as soon as I signed on the dotted line.But what was this I was feeling? It was not the excitement I expected. ...more
Like totally! Sometimes I don't look at what I get but at the payments I have to make. Sure, I ...more