110 Short and Snappy New Solo Business Owner Tips

Woa! Before you scan down the page. This little list is my list. These are my thoughts based on my experiences. I hope you have a very different list, you do don't you? Go ahead and share them in the comments,when you get there. ...more
Ah, love this list- especially the points about not building on someone else's land and taking a ...more

When Someone Hates What You've Produced

Let's assume you have created a piece of work, and you put it out for the world to see: an idea, a plan, a blog post, a hobby project, a presentation. Let's say 500 people take a look at what you've done. 499 people like it: some praise you, some tell you it's wonderful, some say nothing. 1 person hates it, and you plus your approach, then tells you publically. Who do you listen to the 499 or the 1? Logically you know: a) not everyone is going to like your work or what you do (or you). b) not everyone is going to say 'well done'. ...more
 @Darcie It's the naffiest of naff Darcie -- it's personal, rise above that's what I say! :-) ...more

Know Your Numbers

Every action you take as an entrepreneur ties back into your brand and your strategy. So, how do you know if you're being effective? How do you know if your business is viable? Profitable? Headed for the landfill? You do this via metrics and knowing your numbers. ...more
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Why You Need Systems and Procedures as an Entrepreneur

So you’ve started your business and your humming along.  You’re thrilled to be free of the restrictions and red tape of working for “The Machine”.  Yet if you truly want to be free, you need systems and procedures. “What?! You say. I don’t want to be bogged down by such things! That’s part of why I left corporate! ...more
This is a really great post to help business owners and bloggers stay organized while staying ...more

Failure as the Secret to Success

So many people are afraid of failure that they fail to start. We look to paragons of success around us and never see the series of failures that happened along their path. For some reason we think we need to be immune from failure if we are to amount to anything in our careers, our businesses, our lives. Yet the very opposite is true. it is not failure but what we learn from failure that is the key to success. ...more


Great - and true! - post, Paula.  FailCon - what a great idea for a ...more

Need a Website But Don’t Have the Money? Marketing for Small and Local Businesses

More and more businesses are signing on to the Internet bandwagon. These days if you don’t have a website, you’re missing out on one of the biggest markets in the U.S. However, building and marketing a website takes time, money and a lot of effort, especially if you are competing with big name companies. So how can local businesses on a budget compete with large consumer sites? ...more

Seize The Month: Why Your Efforts In December Will Pay You Back All Year Long

At some point in my childhood, I noticed that by late afternoon onSundays, the carefree fun of the weekend would simply disappear,replaced by butterflies in my stomach that signaled a brand newweek was about to begin. A week for which I had done nothing toprepare. A Monday morning which would be a miserable scrambleto get myself and my stuff together and off to school–usually late ...more

Five Tips for Successfully Turning Your Passion into a Business

Passion is often an important element in steering women toward opening their own enterprises.  A woman who loves making jewelry, dreams about taking it from a hobby to a business; a brilliant cook wants to open a catering firm.  While zeal is a terrific indicator of what we will do well, as solopreneurs and small business owners, it is easy to let our enthusiasm focus us in the wrong direction—toward what we want to give rather than what the market wants and needs to get.  So how can we turn our passions into businesses that succeed? ...more

Self-Employed Moms and the Flip Side of Flexibility

Dee was "boasting" to a group of friends about how, in the past year, she had only forgotten to pick up one of her children from school one time-a nearly perfect record!  Her peers laughed nervously and shook their heads in understanding.  Dee is the mother of 4 young kids (who attend 3 different schools, by the way) as well as a full-time realtor.  Like the women she was talking to, Dee has opted to be her own boss in order to be available to take her children to school, pick them up, attend their ballet recitals and soccer games, supervise playdates, etc. ...more