Problems: Don't become a victim, Become a triumpher!

You know, we all have problems. Everybody has life situations they deal with, sometimes on a daily basis.That's not a news flash. In fact, I wrote about problems nearly a year ago on my blog ApronFreeCooking. You can read the complete column by clicking here....more

“Living Wide Awake™” Reflect On What You Want To Manifest 3-29-12

Your positive changes are in process, as this is a significant period of expansion and personal evolution. Your mood is shifting as happiness and inspiration opens opportunities for growth in personal and some business matters. Opposing Energies: fear, doubt, wasted opportunities, excess debt, negative self-chatter Keep an open mind, while your transformation expands you on both your conscious and unconscious levels. Reflect on what you want to manifest and be flexible with the unexpected. ...more

Fall Gratitude

Crunchy leaves, clinging ghostly window decorations, cars speeding to what's next. My neighborhood is a fragment of the massive mosaic. I offer strategies to help women connect on a personal level with their purpose and share it. Collectively we offer healing change through service.   Visit - http://...more

Body Talk

Headache, backache, shallow breathing. Where in your body do you feel stress? Shoulders? Lower Back? Chest? Do you visualize moving stress out of your body or do you let it be and continue?...more

Stiletto Solutions for Fearless Feet

I'm far from a flats-only type of girl, but I'm also pretty practical. I know for a fact that I'm a lot more fun when my feet aren't killing me, and if I'm wearing heels, there's a good chance I'm somewhere I'd like to be having fun. Therefore, unless I've been guaranteed a short walk from the car and a seat for the entire evening, I'm generally in shoes that are reasonably comfortable. ...more

It doesn't matter if they're comfortable or not. I think my ankle cracks a little just thinking ...more

How the Kindle Simplfied My Life

                                                                           BOOK TAKEOVER! ...more

I agree Connie. I have to budget too if not I will go overboard. We just purchased the Nook as a ...more

So Glad you stopped by !

Yesterday I had another run in with a D2D....more

Our Dependence & Our Dependents

If you are paying attention to news and economics you will eventually come across people warning about a financial calamity on the horizon.      These dooms-dayers are advising that we stock up on gold, learn to grow our own vegetables, buy a goat, get a few chickens, and ready our weapons.   They claim that dark days are upon us. ...more

As the Snow Flies!

It’s snowing in New Mexico and Cece is remembering the last snow storm she was part of  in upstate New York.  After this snow storm she moved to New Mexico to stay warm!  It was a 34 inch blizzard!  It was a night mare.  Power was lost, people had to move to shelters.  Cece went with a crew rescuing people and bringing  them to the Red Cross  shelter.  She lived in a very small city called Hudson, NY at the time….  maybe it had 3,000 people and a few traffic lights.  But it also had opposite side of the street parking.  ...more