Healing unseen wounds in Mogadishu

A project to train community leaders to heal conflict-related trauma in Mogadishu, Somalia, is helping women and girls move beyond their violent experiences. ...more

Somalia's new constitution prohibits Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), but will it stop the practice?

This August, Somalia banned female circumcision by law. The ban is a welcome addition to the new constitution but enforcing an end to the practice will be a huge challenge....more

Hunger in Africa

For the last few weeks, we have seen numerous stories on the news about the latest famine in Africa.  The photos are heartbreaking and the problems seem too huge for one person to make a difference.  But one person can.  And you can help on a daily basis for free.Go to:  http://www.thehungersite.com/clickToGive/home.faces?siteId=1...more

Famine in Somalia

Somalia is facing a food crisis and famine. Al Shabab, a group aligned with Al Qaeda, forced Western aid organizations out of the country in 2010 during the worst drought that they had experienced in sixty years. This month, Shabab pulled out of the capital of Mogadishu....more

Should we stil be encouraging Pirate theme kids' parties?

pirate copy   I was listening to a very interesting slot on ABC radio on the way to pick up Ben from childcare, all about Pirates. ...more

hi A.A

I know - I'm being a heavyweight write-something-for-the-hell-of-it kind of ...more

Just When My Son Wanted To Be A Somali Pirate!

And just when my son decided that he wanted to be a Somali Pirate when he grew up! ...more

Deal of the Day: Citi Acquisition

Check out this sweet announcement that I got wind of: November 20 (Bloomberg) -- The Somali pirates, renegade Somalis known for hijacking ships for ransom in the Gulf of Aden, are negotiating a purchase of Citigroup. ...more

Canadian journalist kidnapped in Somalia to be killed tomorrow - according to kidnappers

  This photo, found on Flickr, is tagged with the name "Amanda Lindhout" and "Canadian journalist". It was taken in Kandahar, where Lindhout previously worked.   ...more