I carried my son's poop to Las Vegas and back

I am pushing my child in a stroller through the labyrinthine casino at the Bellagio in Las Vegas with a giant sterile milkmaid pail stashed beneath him. Not to hold my winnings at the Blackjack table, but because I have doctor's orders to hang on to every dropping my son evacuates, every molecule that emerges from his bowels, for the next 72 hours. And I am hyperventilating because my four-year-old has just announced that he has to potty....more

My Son Went to War

My son went to war... and the weapon he carried was a camera....more

Back from California

 We just got back from visiting our son and daughter-in-law in California. Beautiful sunny weather and a great visit.  Grown children are such a blessing. We talked and talked about lots of things, global to personal. We are very blessed....more

From Drug Addict to talented Musician

Ramblings of a Southern Angel...more

The Contagious Grump

I cannot be the only one…who wonders about the amount of influence the people who spend time with my child will have on the type of person he will become as he grows. Are our children simply mimicking the uncle who tells inappropriate jokes at the dinner table and groaning like daddy when asked to take out the trash, or are our little angels picking up all of our good and (mostly) bad behaviors along their way? ...more

Looking Forward

I cannot be the only one…who feels like they have been wrapping (and unwrapping…pun intended) this past week up for days now.  A holiday in the middle of the week, mixed with cookies and cocktails, can throw a Mama off her game.  I have offered reflections of this Christmas, our attempt to find the perfect balance in the right amount of time spent with everyone and the need to nap in order to recover ...more

Its Said and Its Done

I cannot be the only one…who is more than a little relieved that all the salutations of seasons greetings have been said, all the festive meals have been eaten, and all the wrappings have been unwrapped for this years Christmas.  Now that the season has been said and done it is time for us to review, recap, and recite some of the holiday happenings....more

A Bug Bite or An Allergic Reaction...What is It?

I cannot be the only one…actually, this time I may be close to being the only one, whose son’s ear has mysteriously swollen to two times its normal size literally overnight. One of the hardest parts of being a mom is a sick kid, the common cold that causes a red chapped nose, a stomach bug that causes a horrifying bathroom mess (if your lucky it’s only the bathroom), or a rather peculiar case of earlobe swelling, whatever the infirmity is as a mom I feel my child’s pain (with an added dose of anxiety)....more

Bring on the Weekend

I cannot be the only one…who loves a Friday. I love the feeling of knowing that I have two days ahead of me sans alarm clock, not freezing in the kindergarten line up first thing in the morning, and having an extra set of hands to help me with the distinguished Sonny Boy....more

Putting This Week To Bed

I cannot be the only one...who is relieved that this "holiday" week is over (and isn't afraid to say it).  Between my part time job, shuffling Sonny Boy around, and the hubby off work for two extra days this week, I am ready for it all to go back to normal. Here are some of the highlights (I use the word highlights loosely) from this past week of vacation: ...more