Getting to School Early

One day, last week, my son, R, and I arrived at school drop-off early. Twenty-five minutes early. This never happens. Never. We were the first ones waiting in the school parking lot due to the freezing temperatures. I had decided to drive him that day, instead of making the typical walk from our home, around the town reservoir, past the dogs playing in the snow, and into the school door marked number two....more

Blogging About a Walk...and Food

Things I'm Thankful For

I just read a blog about things that Rocks No Salt was thankful for and decided I'd write one.  This year is my first born's senior year in high school and I've been very nostalgic, sappy, sad, etc. for months now. There is also a HUGE poster in the living room (that's where my blogging desk where else to put it) from my younger son's bar mitzvah and it has a collage of photos through the years....more