Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)

I've got a lot of opinions and perhaps questionable taste. Please check out my blog: http://ourrachblogs.blogspot.co.uk/ ...more

He Wrote Me a Tongan Love Song

It took a separation from my usually non-romantic husband to squeeze the sentiments out of him. We had been married about three years and had two beautiful children when I left him behind for a couple of months. No we were not fighting or anything like that. I had a health issue that I needed to check out. We lived in a small South Pacific Island Kingdom. I had given birth to our little son in Tonga, but had complications. My parents came to visit and I returned to stay with them for a while....more

Breaking Your Own Heart

Breaking Your Own HeartShaking your head like it's all wrongBefore you're here you're already goneAnd even with the light all around youYou're all alone in the darkYou're breaking your own heartTaking it too far down the lonely roadYou say it's just one loveBut when it's close enough you just let it goThe very thing you've been the most afraid ofYou've been doing it from the start, breaking your own heartToo many tears, too many fallsIt's easy to hear behind these walls...more

Runaway Baby

Runaway BabyAhh yesWell looky here looky hereAh what do we haveAnother pretty thang ready for me to grabBut little does she knowThat I'm a wolf in sheeps clothing'Cause at the end of the nightIt is her I'll be holdingI love you soThat's what you'll sayYou'll tell meBaby baby please don't go awayBut when I play, I never stayTo every girl that I meet here this is what I sayRun run run away, run away babyBefore I put my spell on you...more

Motherly Advice


Songwriting for New Parents and Other Lunatics

Our daughter is five months old today, and has - among other things - a small plush giraffe with a rattle inside that she loves. The head is perfectly sized for her to shove into her mouth and gum vigorously. She does this a lot. It's hilarious. We like to joke that she skipped the bland rice cereal and strained peas phase and went straight to big game. Clearly, she is very advanced in the nom department....more

Top Ten Family Reunion Songs

Mighty to Save

“Mighty to Save.”  Isaiah 63:1 ...more

The warm and comforting hand and words of a child

I am not sure if I have written about this before but it just came back to me today  after reading my dear friend Karin's post of the recent loss of her mother. ...more

Buy a Song, Support a Cause

Remember during Christmas 1984 when everyone got the 45, "Do They Know It's Christmas?" recorded by Band Aid? Profits from the record raised money for famine relief in Ethiopia. ...more

I haven't seen that video in YEARS. Oh, Joni, you're still such a flake. And look at Corey ...more