How Do You Chronicle Your Love?

A month ago, my sister and I stumbled upon some old sticker books we'd kept when we were younger. Flipping through page after page of cautiously placed stickers, memories of entering a 99-cent store and begging our mother to buy us more and more stickers flooded my mind.I was so diligent about collecting those stickers, I had to wonder, What happened to that persistent little girl who was so careful about chronicling every trip with stickers?How was it that the scrapbook I'd started for my son Equis, when he was simply known as Little Star in my belly, has just been hanging out in my closet for the past two years incomplete?...more

20 Weeks of Pregnancy and a Sonogram

We are half way there, through the pregnancy that is! On Monday, we had our sonogram and were able to see our little one, along with the heartbeat, and tiny feet.  We opted not to learn the gender, but to be surprised in May.  Everything went well with the appointment and our baby is already a whopping 11 ounces.  I take that to mean that my body has been selfish with the other 17 pounds I have already gained....more

To See Your Face - SAHM Project - Entry Three

Today I get to see the most amazing thing. I get to see the face and features of the little boy who is changing my life. That's right, today I am getting a 4D sonogram of my little guy! My husband, daughter, and I are going to be stunned I'm sure at the amazing sight of this baby inside my tummy. I'm also excited because I'm going to have a visual reminder of why I'm making this drastic life change. You see, I have guilt. ...more

It's stroke awareness week

Seeing how it is stroke awareness week I was asked to write a blog regarding our situation. I have already listed several blogs based on this information so I will keep this short. I hope my post will help educate someone reading it, and reach out to someone who needs it. ...more