Cucumber Gin and Tonic Sorbet

CUCUMBER GIN AND TONIC SORBETSummer in a glass is also what this has been called! It is light, crisp, very refreshing and has a good punch too!!...more

Spanish plum sorbet

 See full recipe ...more

Watermelon Sorbet

Watermelon Sorbet(adapted from A Sweet Pea Chef)This is a great recipe for little helping hands in the kitchen.Ingredients:1¼ cup sugar1¼ water6-7 cups fresh seedless watermelon chunks. This would be 2 small, personal seedless watermelons, or one large one. (I just enjoy saying personal watermelon!)3 tbsp. fresh lime juice. This is about three small limes. (Have your kids do the squeezing!)Directions:...more

Welcome to a Month of Ice Cream on BlogHer!

In July, summer settles in for the long haul. Hot days and warm nights beg for a sweet but cool treat, and that’s why we’re celebrating ice cream all month long. From rich and creamy custard-based ice cream to dairy-free options, we’ll bring you recipes and stories that are guaranteed to keep you blissfully chilled out. ...more

Oh heck yeah! We finally broke down and bought an ice cream maker and dang, I wish we'd gotten ...more

Healthy Desserts... An Oxymoron?

Readers email me about a lot of different things… cooking questions, substitution ideas for recipes, to tell me funny stories about their children or dogs, but the most common messages ask for healthy dessert ideas....more
Healthy desserts definitely do exist, you just need to think outside the box a little bit when ...more

Empty the Fridge Soup and Frozen Fruit Smash

This is the last post in the series What’s in the Box? Tips for Dealing with Your Weekly Produce Box. I’m sad that it has come to an end. It’s been such fun sharing my organic improvisations with you while also reading your fantastic tips for how you get through your boxes of fruit and veg....more

Resolution Revelation

Grapefruit Basil Sorbet.   Happy 2011, friends! I hope I find you fully recovered from your New Year's Eve party, and another year healthier, wealthier, and wiser!  I'm refreshed and ready to dive into a new year of fabulous dishes, accompanied by butt-busting workouts!...more