Hand Sewing is Zen for August

Crafting under the right circimstances is zen.  The breath goes in and out.  The needles, fabric, beads click and move in their own magical rhythm.  The world slips away with the repetitive motion of the work.  You feel the calm. Because of this, I'm very excited that August is hand-sewing month at Sew, Mama, Sew.  Kristen explained that she and her daughter are reading the Little House series again, which gets them thinking about sewing: ...more


I seem to remember reading this book; but I have no other memory of it. Must go ...more

Dreamboarding: Manifesting Dreams into Reality

This week I would like to introduce you to Suzie Ridler, the beautiful muse who caught the idea of Dreamboarding and cast it out into the world. ...more

I really enjoyed reading this! I've read lots about dreamboards but not ...more

Children's Spirituality: Shrines and Other Things

Cate was yelling at me. Again. Every day it’s the same story. I pick Cate up from school and she happily shows me the new trick she can do on the peddle car; the stone she dug up in the sand pit; how many times she can hop the jump rope on one foot. We find Eden and start the ten minute walk home. By minute seven Cate is screaming about something. Anything. ...more

This is really inspiring. Makes her both confront her emotions and work through them. I don't ...more

Earthy Spirituality: Thoughts and Practices from Around the Web

Earth Day has come and Earth Day has gone, but still we are standing on this orb scratching our heads and wondering what to do to save her.   ...more

Soulful Practices from the Blogosphere

When I was practicing a traditional form of Christianity, there were times when I felt absolutely weighed down by the number of spiritual practices I was “supposed” to be participating in. Worship songs. Small groups. Prayer meetings. Private devotions. Bible study. Acts of charity. Evangelism. The list was endless. ...more

Wow! I love hearing about your spiritual adventure and I agree, once we change our religious ...more

Honoring Jewess Bloggers on Passover

When I was about ten years old, a Messianic Jew came to our Lutheran Church and taught us how to celebrate Pesach (Passover) by holding a Seder meal. My parents were captivated by the ritual: the lifting of the afikomen, the passing of the bitter herbs, the salt water on the tongue. ...more

So thank you for kicking it off.

I'm procrastinating on making the kosher le pesach ...more

Esther & Vashti: Women to Remember

Purim has always been one of my favorite holidays, because it celebrates the story of Esther, one of the few women in the Torah who is widely remembered. ...more

A friend of mine posited this explanation for how Esther could remain true to her faith's eating ...more