How to build a better reader

Here's an article that ran in the Issaquah Reporter:

As a fellow SLP, I would like to agree heartily with those steps and also hammer home the ...more

How and Why Birds Sing! The Life of a Songbird

Beth Lawrence Viva La Voice "Inspiring The Artist In Everyone!" ...more

Same neural code in brain aids in visual and auditory processing   Scientists can now show that the same neural code in the brain allows people to distinguish b/n different types of sound and different types of images. fMRIs showed that the brain encodes sounds and images using the same strategy, making it easier for people to combine the two that belong to the same image. The example they use is the sound and sight of a basketball dribbling, but I'm thinking about it in terms of reading - letters being visually processed while the sound of the letter(s) is being played.   ...more

Art Smart

One thing we should not ignore, as the election draws near, is where the candidates rank the arts. Recognizing the importance of art in education is becoming increasingly important. Research tells us that children exposed early, and often to the arts fare better in tests, careers and life. But as our nation's economy reels, will we see funds for art programs shelved? ...more