Cauliflower Cream Soup (Picture included)

I'm Starting off this food blog with a the middle of summer! But this is a great recipe on a rainy summer day or any other time of the year. ...more

Fresh Asparagus Soup

Sunday, May 10, 2015...more

Perfect summer soup: roasted yellow pepper & tomato

One of the best things about summer (or late spring, because it’s not even June yet) is the simple pleasures.  They’re all around you right now: a warm breeze on your face, the smell of green grass, longer days with plenty of sunshine....more

Floating Island Soup

FLOATING ISLAND SOUPfrom the always loving and fighting first couple of Buffalo, NY food- the Millers1 quart tomato juicejuice of one lemon½ teaspoon basil2 teaspoons minced onionCombine all the ingredients and simmer for ten minutes. Top with the following:MAYONNAISE FLOATING ISLANDS...more

Lebanese Lentil Soup

In a true Maine fashion we went from 80 Degree Fahrenheit weather to something resembling a brisk fall day once again. In a true fashion of weather extremes as well my poor hubby got himself sick. Now most people resort to a Chicken Noodle Soup for their colds, instead I resort to a little of his family's traditional roots - Lebanese food....more

Creamy Multiple Mushroom Soup

 A rich creamy mushroom soup that makes a great lunch or dinner. Serve with nice homemade bread. The addition of multiple mushrooms (fresh and dried) adds earthiness. The cream cheese makes it soooo nice and thick!!Ingredients:...more

Broccoli Overload Soup

 Broccoli Overload SoupA quick and easy Broccoli that can be made in minutes. Your choice of broth and cheese flavours create unique combinations. Ingredients:...more

Spiced Lentil and Sweet Potato Soup

Today is a soup day, in as much sense as any cold day is, and today was no exception. I can't believe how cold it is outside still. It's almost unfair… I'm counting down the days when I can actually see the backyard, and when I can venture forth to garden. I want so badly to have vegetables that I can grow, harvest, and cook with for this Summer....more