Chicken and Coconut Broth

Chicken and Coconut Broth ...more

Creamy Curried Asparagus Soup

My family has a knack for buying more groceries than we can ever use. The amount of things that spoil and get thrown out is tragic. I know. Shame on me. I was informed last night that the asparagus was was wilting and quickly going into decline. Now, I am not an asparagus fan, never have been really unless its roasted with a little balsamic and lemon juice. Thats about the only way I can enjoy it, well, that and deep fried. The only problem was that since the asparagus was wilty it wasn’t really in the condition to be roasted. So I needed a game plan....more

Green Tea Soup

I usually highlight a particular ingredient in a recipe that has breast cancer prevention properties. This recipe has two ingredients that have been shown in studies to reduce breast cancer risk. Many of the recipes here also have antioxidant properties that are good for other types of cancer prevention too....more

Sicilian Fava Bean Soup

Favata Soup or Sicilian Fava Bean SoupDried fava beans are under appreciated and over looked. They take a little bit of work.  Don’t let that sentence scare you, this is one the easiest soups I’ve ever made and more importantly, it was delicious, filling and healthy....more
Hello Kraken! I have some organic fava beans that have been glaring at me every time I go in the ...more

Chicken Soup the Simple Recipe

Cup O' Amazing

It's National Homemade Soup Day

 National Homemade Soup Day  Soup Facts: 1. Women are more than twice as likely to eat soup as men, 9.67% vs. 4.0%....more

A Simple Soup with Wine

I thought I'd share a nice, simple recipe with you. It's not very pretty, but it's a great mid-winter bowl of heartiness. I took the recipe from Mark Bittman at The New York Times and adapted it to work for me (I didn't have raw chickpeas, or the time to cook them, and all we had was some German weisswurst in the freezer), but it's the simplicity of this soup that makes it so great....more
Hey there! It was super easy and yes, delish. Perfect for this winter weather.more