Broccoli and Toasted Almond Soup

Broccoli and Toasted Almond Soup ...more
I LOVE almonds, well, most nuts, and this sounds truly fabulous! And I agree with you that soups ...more

Fresh Sweet Corn Creamy Soup - Velvety Smooth!

Have you thought about how your future will unfold? Really imagined how you expect or wish things to turn out? Having just read "Golden thoughts of graceful aging" by Heather O'Neill , I realized that I have a great deal more imagining to attend to....more

Black Bean Soup

I love black beans but will not eat soup. However -- beautiful photo. I'd make this but make it ...more

Souped-Up Pho

If you visit Seattle, one of the first things you will notice is that we have teriyaki, Thai and pho restaurants on nearly every corner. Every Seattleite has their favorite spot and they will be quick to tell you. (Ok and since you asked, my favorite teriyaki is Kiku's on 50th and the Ave in Seattle; my favorite Thai is Benjarong in Covington and my favorite pho is from Papaya in the Crossroads Mall in Bellevue.)...more
 I love Pho!  I love topping with bean sprouts and savoy cabbage.  Sriracha and lime juice are ...more

spring asparagus soup

start your meatless monday with this grilled asparagus soup. yum.    ...more

Carrot Coriander Soup

I have never tried coriander before I made this soup so I had no idea how it would taste, but I will have to admit that coriander is now my new favorite smell. When I crushed the spice, this citrus-y smell perfumed my kitchen that was so wonderful. I am definitely looking for more recipes with coriander in them to make in the future....more
FatCat I'm so glad you liked it! Sorry for the really late response, but I am just now getting ...more

Lavender Asparagus Chicken Soup

Spring is like a capricious kid. One minute it’s sunny and warm, and the next minute it’s rainy and wet....more

Scallop Corn Soup at ...more

Spicy Carrot-Sweet Potato Soup

Spicy Carrot-Sweet Potato Soup ...more
Looks delicious! Saving this recipe for the next cold day :)more