Grilled pepper and parmesan soup, with rocket salad oil

 I eat a lot of soup in the winter. Because it's easy, healthy and the possibilities are almost endless. You can turn almost every vegetable, or combination of vegetables, into a soup. And there's nothing like a steamy cup of soup when you're feeling not too hungry but do need some comfort food!...more

Recipe for Minestrone Soup

It's easy to forget that Minestrone soup is actually Italian, it's been a staple in so many countries for so long.  That probably goes some way to explaining the variety you find in the soups, not to mention the quality!  This recipe is pretty classic, but don't let an Italian mama see it, she may differ in her opinion.  Although, I reckon she would love it too....more

Soup-Er Bowl: White Bean, Chicken Sausage and Cauliflower Soup

 Soup-Er Superbowl Soup...more

Warm Up With Rustic Roasted Vegetable Soup

The winds here in the Midwest are absolutely brutal. We have been hit with a pile of snow, then below-zero temps, more snow, more below zero and now 35- to 45-mile-per-hour winds. I keep saying it’s less than 10 weeks to spring. When I say that I usually get the eye roll from those around me. I’ve got to try and be optimistic. ...more
Right. This. Minute.more

Recipe: Soup!

Earlier, I asked my Facebook and Twitter followers for some of their favorite soup recipes. This cold weather has gotten me in such a “soupy” mood. Nothing is better on a cold day like a steaming hot bowl of soup that you simmered on the stove for hours! I got a few really tasty ideas. I took a spin around my freezer and pantry and threw together tonight’s dinner.Remember my mad dash to freeze pre-made meals during my hyper-organizing phase of pregnancy? Well today, that came in handy!...more

Winter Soup Round-Up

This year has been a particularly bad winter here in the Midwest. We've had frigid, subzero temperatures, lots and lots of snow, and icy roads in-between the snowstorms. Sigh. For this non-winter-loving girl, it has been a bit rough. I much preferred our last couple winters which have been incredibly mild. ...more


It is a perfect winter soup with rich textures, warmth of indian spice and all the goodness that kale has got to offer....more

Mushroom and apple soup

The quest for Grandma's ham and bean soup: A for-now recipe

 Not-quite-Grandma's ham and bean soup with kale and extra veggies.R...more

Turkey and Rice Soup

I was definitely surprised at how easy it was to make this soup!  I started with the bones from the left-over turkey breast I had saved.  I think making the broth from scratch is what makes this soup so flavorful!  The recipe below includes the amount of spices I used, but they may need to be adjusted depending on how big a pot of soup you make....more