15 MUST TRY Soup Recipes

Soup season is here! Soups make a great wholesome meal when the weather gets cold. They are a way to pack lots of flavors into a nutritious one-bowl meal, using all kinds of goodies from your refrigerator and pantry. There isn’t much that you can’t add to a soup. The best part about soup is that it ages well and you can warm it up in just a matter of minutes....more

7 Common Mistakes When Making Soup & How to Avoid Them

Last week ushered in the first day of fall. Don’t you just love this time of year? The crisp air outside brings us harvest, football, hayrides, bonfires, sweaters, and soup pots. Soup season has officially started, and there is nothing more comforting than a big ol' pot of soup simmering on the stove, or coming home to a full crock-pot ready and waiting to be devoured. ...more
Just Beet It Aarika, so glad you enjoyed my post. Pumpkin beet soup sounds yummy! :)more

5 Terrific Summer Soup Recipes

I have a confession to make.  I am a bonafide soup junkie.  Literally, I can’t get enough of the stuff.  It’s usually pretty fast, easy and always delicious.  A soup can taste like anything and be as light or as hearty as you want.  To me, it’s the perfect meal. This is exactly why I mourn the thought that many people may be missing out on tasty soup recipes throughout the summer.  It’s not that I’m oblivious- I get it, trust me, I do!  Summer is hot and the thought of consuming warm broth in blistering weather doesn’t seem too smart. ...more

Soups of Seasons

Dinner Tonight....Golden Beets and Carrot Soup with Quinoa.Topped with Greek Yogurt and Drizzled with Pureed and Creamed Beet Leaves.  ...more

Soups of Seasons

Winter Soups:Potato Tomato Soup With Homemade Cheesy CroutonsServes 6-8Prep time 15 minutesCook time 40  minTotal 55 minutes6 golden potatoes( peeled/washed/roughly chopped)1 yellow onion ( roughly chopped)2 cloves of garlic ( minced)2 tbs of olive oil1 bunch of Cilentro leafs...more

White Chicken Chili

I love soups and one of my all time favorites is White Chicken Chili. Today I am sharing a very easy recipe with you from All Recipes.  I have simplified this recipe even more and will share those tips with you....more

Classic French Onion Soup

 You know it. You love it. Molten hot soup with caramelized onions in a rich, beef broth covered with lots of melted cheese that comes up right up in strings with the first spoonful. This is an easy version that might not be the French recipe the Julia Child would make, but it serves 2-3 people if you want to serve it as a soup course. http://www.comfycook.com/2014/07/classic-french-onion-soup.html...more

Udon Noodle Bowls with Pork Belly and Mushrooms

Welp, not exactly the Super Bowl we were all hoping for. When your football dreams are being brutally dashed before your eyes, you turn to comfort food. One of my favorite comfort foods are ramen noodle bowls. Not the crap in a package at the grocery store, but a homemade Asian noodle bowl. My sister and I scour the country every time we are together in search of the best ones. Our favorite is at Momofuku in New York City. After dining out dozens of time in search of the best, it was about time that I try to make my own....more

12 Hearty Soups to Keep You Warm This Fall

With the chill of fall in the air, it's time to pull out all our favorite soup recipes. Here are 12 of our favorite soup recipes that have been posted on All She Cooks over the past year. There is something for everyone, from vegetarian to meat lovers, chilis to a soupy Southern ham and beans. ...more
Soup is definitely one of my favourite things about Fall with scarfs and boots and warm sweaters.more

Easy Chicken Noodle Soup