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Trash in Cape Town

I realized one of my travel dreams recently, when I spent eight days on a holiday break in Cape Town, South Africa. The scenery was breathtaking, the weather perfect, the food delicious.And then there was the trash.Somehow, when you go so far away, to a place so exotic, you don’t expect to find the same problems you deal with day to day at home. I sure didn’t....more
I live in Cape Town and I so agree! Just today I walked in Sea Point and looked down at all the ...more

A Month of Awesome Women: Mama Afrika, Miriam Makeba

When Suzanne Reisman blogged about the death of Miriam Makeba, "Mama Afrika," in 2008, the first thing I did was head over to YouTube to listen to some of her music. Today, on what would have been Makeba's 79th birthday, I invite you to do the same....more

I'm always happy to help others discover great music.

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Happy Nelson Mandela Day!

Today, July 18th, is designated by the United Nations as the first annual international holiday honoring former South African president Nelson Mandela, on the occasion of his 92nd birthday. South African design blogger Lana explains the purpose of the commemoration well: ...more

What an amazing tribute to a man who has made such a huge difference--not only in South Africa, ...more

Vuvuzelas Cause World Cup Buzz

It's been a busy first week of the FIFA World Cup. Host nation South Africa's team Bafana celebrated scoring the first goal of the month-long competition in what would end up a 1-1 tie against Mexico. The United States and England also tied 1-1 in a first matchup that ignited serious (if somewhat belated) post-colonial competition. And I'm guessing you've heard about the vuvuzelas. ...more

Vuvu's petals! Vuvu's petals!

I never said I was normal.


SpeakZA! Freedom of the Press in South Africa is under threat

This article is by Sipho Hlongwane. It is a call for bloggers to raise their voices against the ANC Youth League's attempts to erode freedom of the press in South Africa....more

Ricotta gnocchi with lemon and thyme butter (and a lentil frittata)

I started making this ricotta gnocchi at about 8.30pm on Tuesday night, and we ate at around 10pm... The late start was due to too much wine and 'mucking about' (as my gran likes to say), and the late eating time was due to, well, more wine. I'm not entirely sure you needed to know that, but there it is. ...more

Caster Semenya's on Suicide Watch: What If She Were Your Child?

What if this were your child, champion South African runner Caster Semenya? ...more

Caster's story shows us how cruel and competitive people can be.

She is an athlete, that is ...more

Finally: Nelson Mandela speaks about Mugabe's "failure"

If people are going to listen to someone, well, I'm thinking Nelson Mandela is a pretty darn good bet. And at his very own 90th birthday party as well. ...more

Mother's Day + Economic Stimulus + Comment Love = 3 Occasions to Donate to Save Women's Lives

After reading Denise's BlogHer post last week that the gift of maternal health is the perfect Mother's Day gift, I thought "this really is perfect!" I blogged it and suggested that not only is it a great cause, but it is also a great consumerism/stuff-free gift, something that I feel, in our consumerism-driven society, is so important, but so ofte ...more

I thought I might get away with the blog post I made about giving my mom the gift of maternal ...more