Wanderlust Wednesday. Corn Islands.

Wanderlust Wednesday. Corn Islands.Big Corn and Little Corn make up this small island cluster nestled east of the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua.Photo credit: travel.nytimes.com...more

Eco-Travel Tales From Central America

If you’ve been shopping for a vacation destination lately, you have probably come across the term "eco-tourism". Brochures – made from recycled paper of course -  entice guests with panoramic views from private lounge chairs on teak-decked terraces. Zip lines traverse deep gorges over the rainforest canopy while Howler monkeys frolick in their natural habitat. These venues boast of private reserves, diverse ecosystems and an opportunity to experience nature in unprecedented fashion....more

Galapagos Part 1 Beginning Stages of Planning

Though I just returned from French Polynesia my head is already spinning on where I want to go for our next adventure. Hmmm for some reason I am just not ready to go to Europe yet, I love adventure I love animals and I love Culture and the beautiful blue ocean, later on in life when my body cant handle the adventure and third world countries I will travel overseas to Europe and eat, drink walk and look at stones but for right now I need to live and use my body while it can take harsh and wild environments and strange foods....more

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Galapagos Expedition | Day 7

Santiago, Bartolomé, Sullivan Bay Bartolome Island is a volcanic islet in the Galapagos Islands group. It is a volcanic islet just off the east coast of Santiago Island. It is one of the younger islands in the Galapagos archipelago. This island, and Sullivan Bay on Santiago island, are named after naturalist and life-long friend of Charles Darwin, Sir Bartholomew James Sullivan, who was a Lieutenant aboard HMS Beagle. ...more

Thanks Denise, So glad you're enjoying reading about our Galapagos adventures. Just a few days ...more

Another advantage of retirement: Flexibility about travel dates

Another advantage of retirement: Flexibility about travel dates ...more