Who Are the Real Cry Babies: Children or Intolerant Adults?

Southwest airlines recently deplaned a mother and a screaming toddler after the child refused to be consoled and caused such a ruckus that the crew taxied back to the airport and kicked the pair off. ...more

Flight Experience

This past week I took 5 flights in 5 days. I hate flying but it had to be done so I figured it would be a good chance to check out airlines and decide which I liked best. After all, I was flying three different airlines. The first flight was uneventful. From Oakland to Ontario airport (LA) on Southwest. I had A28 to board, but it did me nothing because I was in conversation with someone at the bar while drinking a bloody mary and was not worried about what seat I would get. Anyway, very uneventful. ...more

The better business bureau

It’s very rare for me to find a place nay corporate conglomerate entity, for which I harbor such deep love for. We’re talking the fierce, visceral variety of which I will toss myself in front of a truck in order to save these businesses I love. Silly? Of course it’s silly, I’m good with silly and ridiculous but if you provide me with good customer service and not some apathetic, gum chewing 16 year old who uses ‘like’ every other word and thinks that their job is to roll their eyes at me as opposed to helping, well then, I have a soft spot in my heart for you. ...more