The April Fool's joke that won't quit

 I keep thinking it will go away long enough that I can forget what it was like to plummet out of the sky. But no....more

Fly Girl in Training: Finding AvGeek community on Southwest Airlines

 Look who's "flying" a Southwest Airlines 737 jet! My favorite part, aside...more

Delayed Again? Your Flight Survival Kit

It doesn't take something as extreme as a plane breaking open to cause flight delays. A missing flight crew, bad weather, or just bad luck can leave you stranded in the purgatory of the airport where time drags on and there's nothing but nitrate-choked fast food nearby for sustenance. It happens to the most organized of travelers, even those with spotless karma. Here's how to make the best out of a bad situation. ...more

I used to be an iPad hater, but when my flight in ORD was canceled after traveling for hours ...more

Kevin Smith and Flying While Fat

“Hey SouthwestAir: you bring that same row of seats to the ‘Daily Show’ and I’ll sit in ‘em for all to see on TV ... If I don’t fit, I’ll donate $10K to charity of your choice. But when I do (& buckle the belt as well)? 1) You admit you lied. 2) Change your policy, or at least re-train your staff to be a lot more human and a lot less corporate.”-- PopCrunch ...more

Great and thoughtful summary.  I also more

Plastic Bottles and BPAs

Worried about cancer? ...more

Not feeling the 'luv'

Over the past seven months I have flown more than anytime in my life. By midnight tonight, my roundtrip flight count will be at 23. That is 23 round trip flights in seven months and this, my friends, is the reason for why I have also had 23 colds and a twitch in my left eye. ...more

When a business issues an apology, does it really matter to you?

When a business messes up we expect an apology. Sometimes we demand one. Then we choose whether to accept or reject it. Often we grade the business apology. Was it sincere? Was it sincere enough?  Why do we care so much whether a business apologizes to us?  Does it really change things? ...more

i have read your business internal issues more

Soon We Will Be Wearing Mumus

I know I am probably late in my reaction, but this morning I was browsing the news and I am PISSED OFF. I know, big shock. But this time I really feel justified because Read THIS! ...more