The Soy and Breast Cancer Myth


Are Soy Foods Safe?

I was recently asked if I have any concerns about soy (thanks for your comment, Teri!), so I thought I'd answer here so everyone will see it. I use tofu and tempeh in some of my recipes, partly because they're great "transitional" foods for new vegans, and also because tofu is a good egg replacer. We don't actually eat all that much soy in our house, and what we do buy is always organic and non-GMO. ...more

Mindful Nutrition: Busy Parents/Healthy Kids – To Soy or Not To Soy? by Ana Goldseker

Soy is in many foods and products, especially things geared towards kids. The question is, “Is it safe to eat?” Here are some helpful facts and ideas so that you can make an educated decision for you and your family...more

Soy. The Devil Inside.

It is going to be a long night with an incredibly difficult day to kick it off. The blunder I made was due to being lazy. In not knowing ahead of time what I would be making for dinner and in turn deciding to order food in.Epic mistake....more
 @Isabel_Anders Thank you so much! and I appreciate your comments!more

The Grand Soy Debate

Soylful Snackin' That was supposed to be a pun on soulful, but I don't think it worked. *Moving on.*I know the whole soy thing is a top of hot contention in the nutritional sphere, but here's my opinion, via a quote from my middle school English teacher (it was about adjectives then, but you can apply it here, too):"Don't over-do it, stupid."...more

Rice, Soy, Almond "Milk" or "Drink"?

Rice, Soy, Almond "Milk" or "Drink"?   I just arrived home from Lake Tahoe, sat down on the couch to relax and picked up the Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer and on the back page an ad for Rice Drink is being advertised.  It reads:Tader Joe's Organic Rice Drink is one of those "milk" drinks that aren't actually made with dairy products, so, technically, we can't call them milk.  But let's be honest; w...more

Cranberry Orange Muffins with Soy

It doesn't take much to make me happy.  Really.  Sit me in a room filled with silence and I'll make my own music.  Or simply enjoy the silence.  I don't get bored.  Ever....more

Your Own...Personal...Java, it's that time of year favorite time, I think...when summer looses it's hold and fall starts to slowly take over. Halloween stuff is already for sale in the stores, the evenings are finally dark enough to fire up candles, my bathroom mirrors and windows are coated in a layer of steam, after I shower, and my nose is either running like a faucet or is so dry that it cracks....more

If You Control The Food Supply, You Control The World

 I have blogged about the documentary called "Food Inc." you may purchase it on Amazon for around $10.  Please buy it and share the information with your friends.  It is shocking information and I could not believe what I was hearing.  It also goes hand in hand with the book "Seeds Of Deception".  Now I am asking you to watch another documentary called "The World According To Monsanto".    Monsanto on a global level, Purdue and Tyson in the US are well on their way to controlling our food supplies.  They dictate how our food is gro...more

Beef Versus Boca: Scary Stuff in Your Veggie Burger? (When It's Unhealthy to Eat Healthy)

Benjamin Daymon's Tastes & Travels   Is your veggie burger made with a neurotoxin? - Did your burger make the "Best Burger" list?