My First Time-Five Elements Spa & Longevity Center

FABulites, I absolutely love the summer months but let's face it, they can be downright brutal. This Summer alone I've had to deal with my normal 1 hour commute turning into a 3 hour commute to and from work, I've somehow managed to gain an extra 7lbs and you best believe my Teen, Toddler, and Young Adult definitely have me experiencing the Joys and Pains of motherhood, but when the going gets tough, you hit up The 5 Elements Spa & Longevity Center for a little healing!...more

If You Love a Professional Massage ...

 ... this new product is a MUST-HAVE!  There are so many health and wellness benefits to massage therapy, but what's up with putting our faces into the face cradle?  Ewwww!  The face cradle of a massage table or chair is the only "point of pain" in the entire massage experience.  But it doesn't have to be that way any more.  SPA POCKET is a brand new personal care item that you purchase and take along with you to every massage.  I never go without mine!...more

What Vaginal Steam Baths Are Really Like: An OB/GYN Weighs In

You gotta love Gwyneth Paltrow. She's always so ahead of the curve when it comes to things like cooking. And conscious uncoupling. And parenting. And vaginal steam baths. ...more
Interesting article. I recently learned of vaginal steaming and figured I would try it and it ...more

A Humorous Look On How To Escape Reality

Spa Day.  A Day At The Spa.  Don't you love the way that sounds?  A few months ago I house, dog, cat and sheep sat (try to say that fast) for my daughter Rochelle and her family.  As a thank you, she gifted me with a day at the spa.  In that post, Can a Day at the Spa Remove the Smell of Sheep?   I shared this out-of-the-ordinary spa.  It is the Grotto Spa at Tigh-Na-Mara, 25,000 squ...more