A big day for a little spacecraft: @MESSENGER2011

It was St. Patrick’s Day, and the crowd of nearly 400 waited expectantly in the Kossiakoff auditorium at APL. Irish dancing music was piped into the auditorium as recorded interviews of Daniel O’Shaughnessy, Eric Finnegan, and Eric Calloway played on the giant screen, reviewing the six planetary gravity assists, the five deep space maneuvers, and the big idea to add solar sailing that arose as the spacecraft approached the first Mercury flyby....more

Time - The Great Pretender (Part Two)

So much time. So little time. Time. Time. Time. The great pretender. Time and space. Temporality. Live the life you want. Responsibility. Where does motherhood leave off and personhood begin? What is the correct balance? Is there a correct balance? When love goes away where does it go? All energy is supposed to turn into something else, but what? What if love doesn’t turn to hate, or friendship, but just is gone? Gone into the dark night. Nighttime Is what I liked best Clouds of darkness over my head...more

Time - The Great Pretender (Part One)

Time is one of the trickiest of human experiences; or more accurately, our experience of time is one of the more complex ways in which we define and demarcate the events that, when added together, create who we are and how and why we live our lives in the ways in which we do....more

Perfect Moment Monday: New Space

My Perfect Moment for this week…Well, actually the last few weeks, has been heading into my new office.Beginning Nov. 1, 2010, I was offered an opportunity to share an office space with a good friend of mine. It is only two and one-half days a week, but it is a start for creating a full-time space for me to meet with my clients that is not located in my home.Continue reading here.Embrace your inner wisdom!...more

Let's Bring Physical Education to the Classroom

My child took her reading classes in a closet.  They moved aside the boxes (they couldn't remove them because there was no where else to put them, so they stacked them up against the walls) and brought in a little table and tiny chairs, and that closet was where she went for her reading group. Fun....more

"Not because they are easy, but because they are hard."

Today marked one of the last shuttle lift-offs ever to occur....more

splish splash

If you live within the five boroughs, chances are your available space is at a premium. And as I've written about in a previous post, you adjust pretty quickly because the payoff is living in New York City. Husband and I still find that worthwhile, and hope Baby S will one day love the city as much as we do....more

Leonid Meteor Shower: Impact?

I know this is an annual event (my husband just tonight alerted me to it's impending appearance)--the Leonid meteor shower--but I am still reeling from the video we saw last night, a 3-hour production made from the TV mini-series, "Impact." ...more

Animals in Space

There is much celebrating this week over the 40th anniversary of man's landing on the moon in 1969. Not to diss mankind's giant leap, but animals have been pulling duty in space since the 40s. Five national programs have flown animals into space: Soviet Union, France, Japan, China and the U.S.  We're talking insects, reptiles, rodents, fish, animal embryos, primates and mammals, including dogs and cats.  ...more

I wish someone would pay my way for a ride into orbit..any takers?

My love be with ...more

We Are All Astronomers – 2009 International Year of Astronomy

Human have look to the stars for freedom, faith, wishes and destiny. It is in our fiction and our non-fictional tales of survival. May 2009 has a been a great month for star gazing and thoughts about galaxies beyond sight. And no, I’m not referring to a certain Paramount movie franchise reboot.  ...more

I enjoy the program called Earth and Sky, particularly since it often explains what you'll be ...more