Building a Culture that Empowers

A business’ culture is what makes it unique. Just look at Apple and Microsoft. They both provide similar goods and services, but their cultures allow consumers to differentiate the two mega computer companies. Your culture is your competitive advantage, so be sure to create a remarkable one. ...more

Tune into 12.14 episode of Go Green Sangha Radio - Transforming Your Life, Career, and Home into Sacred Space for the New Year

Tune into the fifth episode of Go Green Sangha Radio, a monthly radio program, on December 14, 2008, from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm (EST). Click here to listen to the show: The theme is "Transforming Your Life, Career, and Home into Sacred Space for the New Year." An amazing panel of creative women will share their expertise: ...more

Space-Lifts in September

September is a good time for beginnings. We restock kids' backpacks with new school supplies, and we take mental stock of our supplies and spaces. In our family, we're on the verge of a transition in our work arrangements, and adding a workspace to our apartment will facilitate our new groove. Perhaps it's time for you to look at your spaces and evaluate if they are supporting your needs and your dreams for fall. Here are a few things I'm learning along the way: ...more

Girls, Space, Science, and Education: Can BlogHer Get On This?

I'm at BlogHer 2008, and I'm feeling a bit of a lack. Three topics that I care very much about are science, education, and kids -- because I think all of them are the key to the future. These are very fundamentally women's issues, and women are blogging about these topics. (Disclosure: I have no children by choice, and right now I'm sitting in the non-mommyblogger session). My spouse Tom Vilot does an educational video project called SkyGuy, where he answers kids' questions about space and astronomy. Today he posted about how cool, intriguing, and encouraging it is that most of the questions he gets come from girls in elementary and middle school. Tom wrote: "Why is that? I don’t really have an answer, but I do find it encouraging. As we move farther into space, as we explore our solar system and send astronauts to the moon and Mars, as we try to answer the most perplexing questions about the universe, we need all the talents we can bring to the job." This makes me wonder: I haven't seen much discussion on, or at the conferences (including this one) about topics such as space and science that are not traditionally "women's space" (pun intended). ...more

Hi Amy,

Actually, we do have a topic area in our long list that applies: more

Flight Attendant becomes Space Cadet!

Flight Attendant becomes Space Cadet!Flight Attendants are used to having your hands in trash. When I was a flight attendant, not only did people hand me all kinds of gross things-but you have to literally push the trash deep into the can because of the limited space on flight. ...more

Christa's Lessons Continue

I never met her, but she is one of my role models. Today, twenty-two years after the Challenger disaster, I remember Christa McAuliffe. She caught my imagination and secured my admiration in so many ways -- as a woman, teacher, feminist, activist, Democrat, member of the community. She had qualities I want to have: courage, determination, spirit, joie de vivre. I worry about trying new things, about meeting new people, about failing. Christa, in contrast, glowed with enthusiasm for each new opportunity. "She lives life -- she's not afraid of it," noted the principal where she taught last. The weekend I got married, NASA chose Christa to be the first schoolteacher to travel in space. She had beat out more than 11,000 teachers for the job. As a high-school social studies teacher from Concord, N.H., she wanted to be the first "ordinary person" to fly in space. But as NASA realized, Christa McAuliffe was anything but ordinary. ...more

The day Challenger exploded is one I won't ever forget. I was standing in a very dark, very ...more

Oh my stars! Contemplating the size of the universe

In order to keep up with my son's interests, I've had to increase my understanding of the universe by several billion degrees. As I post this, I am struck by the fact that there doesn't seem to be a science topic at BlogHer. Does it just fall under technology and research? ...more

There are quite a few posts from our Research, Academia & Education Contributing Editor, Leslie ...more

Summer Darkness

Summer Darkness ...more