“Let’s empower our language too!”

Nuria Felipe Soria is a communications specialist for UN Women. She was a member of the Spanish delegation at the Beijing Conference, carrying out functions involving communications and liaison with civil society organizations. ...more

"Spanish": A Rant

Eulalia Benejam Cobb (Lali)Blog:  MyGreenVermont.comWebsite:  www.LaliGallery.com...more

Weekly Wishes

 Happy Monday Everyone!...more

Sangria, Sangria, Sangria perfect for the holiday season

One of my favorite things about Barcelona is the Sangria!!!! I have been to Barcelona twice and both times, fully indulged in the Sangria. The picture above is at a restaurant on the Barcelona Wharf. Need I say more. What makes Spain’s Sangria so deliciously unique is…..the full body and character of the wines made in Spain. Sangria can taste like watery soup if made incorrectly....more

My BIG FAT Spanish Wedding

-a special gift from the bride and groom for the couples next in line to be married....more

How To Celebrate San Juan in Spain

What’s a festival in Spain without fire?…Just another day...more

Why I Miss Being Stereotyped

It’s not always easy being Asian in Spain. For one, people don’t understand that they should feel intellectually inferior around me since I am good at math. Yes these are stereotypes, at least in American culture.Other than my mother in-law telling me that Chinese people have big heads and small eyes, I haven’t heard many Asian stereotypes in Spain. Even now, I’m not sure if her comment is a general stereotype or a personal observation.  Where I live there aren’t enough Asians to warrant generalizations. It’s a shame really, because I miss being stereotyped....more
Oh my god, I relate to this.  I'm currently living in China and I'm consistently stereotyped, as ...more

Does This Offend You?

Do either of these videos offend you?Cheerios Mixed Family Adhttp://www.youtube.com/embed/qM7Q1mNg5q0...more

Ingenuous Ad That Warns Children About Abuse

An ad that has been unveiled in Spain is creating awareness towards an issue that continues to plague children: abuse. In this brilliant hotline ad created by Fundacion Anar (Aid to Children & Adolescents at Risk) that's prominently placed at a bus stop, a particular technology is used to focus on children who may be victims of abuse. Through lenticular photography, the ad's message is different for the adult and the child. Why would that matter? The technology in question is able to relay different images and messages to the adult and child who comes across it. ...more

I Am (not) Miss America

“Alison! I have a question!” My student says to me after class.  “What do you think about the lawyer in the U.S who thinks everyone should have a 3D printed gun?” ...more