What Are The Risks Of Mobile Spam?

Spammers send unwanted emails or texts that are both annoying and frightening. Most spam messages are useless advertisements selling stuff you don’t need or want....more

Combating comment spam on your blog

I was a bit excited last week-end when I received over 250 pending comments. After spending over an hour to read them, my joy fell off quickly because more than 80% comments were spam. Let’s first define a spam according to spam.abuse.net...more

Wall of Spam

If my Facebook wall could talk, surely it would break into a round of Monty Python's iconic ode to Spam. "Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam! Lovely Spam! Lovely Spam!"  Only the spam being served in my newsfeed is pretty hard to swallow.  In the technical sense, spam is defined as any unsolicited commercial advertisement distributed online....more

Word Verification

A week or so ago I had a reader-friend that could not comment on my blog and several others here on Blogger so I opted to take my word verification off for a bit to allow her and others to comment. Well, the spam she be a coming in now. Amazing that everyday when I open my emails the spam commenting I get, at least 3 a day. Thank goodness Blogger keeps a tight handle on that stuff and it doesn't show up on my blog. Really spammers what is the point anyway. I'm just a lowly little artist/wife/mother/business lady/blogger what do I need all that for....more

For The Love of Spam

One of the first things I do every morning is clean out my spam folder on my email accounts.  I just hate seeing that number go up and up.  And I'm always amazed at some of the absolutely IDIOTIC messages that these spammers think people will fall victim to.I had one email this morning where the sender was Joseph Biden.  Really?  The vice-president is sending me an email about missing money?...more


I got what is arguably the most ironic spam ever!My friend Sherry wrote a post for me a few months back about an authors "book tour survival kit".  Today, I got the most interestingly ironic spam on that post.  The spammer is trying to sell survivalist kits....more

Mirth Monday - Can I have a side of spam, please?

Anne Kimball Bringing Borya Home   My blog's not all that big. I don't get a whole lot of spam. But sometimes, the spam I get really makes me chuckle. Like this one:As unfavourable weather of your conveyance container I'm never sure where to store my conveyance container. My pantry? Attic? The trunk of my car?...more

"Mom, there was this picture on Facebook..."

 Facebook has recently been under attack with tons of spam of inappropriate pictures, how do you talk with your kids about it? Learn some tips here...   ...more

Spam and all its "Professional" Glory

Have you ever paid close attention to your blog spam comments? If not, you should. Because it’s fun, in an irritating sort of way. Since moving to self hosted word press, there are many blog maintenance things I am responsible to take care of myself. One of which, is cleaning out my spam folder. I don’t know why I laugh so much at these comments. You would think I would get over it. But each time I giggle over the stupidity of it all. I guess I’m just immature by nature. Proven by the fact that I still laugh at Ren & Stimpy....more

Readers Versus E-book Spammers

Recently Amazon.com announced that it was taking steps to remove the more dodgy spam e-book content that can be found in the Kindle electronic bookstore.  I have my doubts so I performed a test. ...more
@threeundertwo That is a good idea. I'll try it the next time I want to buy something. It is ...more