Readers Versus E-book Spammers

Recently announced that it was taking steps to remove the more dodgy spam e-book content that can be found in the Kindle electronic bookstore.  I have my doubts so I performed a test. ...more
@threeundertwo That is a good idea. I'll try it the next time I want to buy something. It is ...more

I Want to Buy Your Blog

Good question, and let me elucidate. I was sat at my laptop today, beavering away and minding my own business, when suddenly an email plopped into my inbox. It immediately grabbed my attention because the subject was 'I want to buy your blog'....more

Hi Annie,

I guess this scenario if like when you go to Turkey and EVERY man tries it on with ...more

Spam Breakfast Sandwiches Like Grandma Used to Make

Every weekend when I was a kid, my maternal grandmother would make us our favorite breakfast: an egg and SPAM sandwich. She knew the affinity my brother and I had for Egg McMuffins, and decided it would be easier and probably better for us if she’d tried to make it herself instead. And it was. ...more

I love it sliced thin and fried crisp like bacon, yum yum. I know what I'm having for breakfast.more

Because Apparently Bossy Is All The Man You’ll Ever Need

These two words, that’s what Bossy saw when she opened her email program last night. Bossy gathered herself in hopeful anticipation, although believe you her, Bossy is no stranger to sweet nothings, where sweet nothings equals sister mercy mostly with the nothings, hold the sweet. ...more

She had me at brown eye balls....  That last little bit can be fixed with some ...more


Raise your hand if you're sick of being a spam victim! Come by ....more

I'm clicking.

~Denise BlogHer Community Manager

A rant about "religious" spam

I keep getting spam with religious themes. And I am so tired of it. I am so tired of emails that ask me to believe that my future hinges on nothing more or less than sending 5 copies of spam forward to 5 friends. I do not seem to have found the right way to make them stop. Oddly, the Dalai Lama's "Rules for Life" (which I have received in email text, as a PowerPoint presentation and as an Acrobat file) are almost exactly the same as Mother Teresa's "Rules for Life". ...more
To borrow an abbreviated term, OMG! I loved this article. Yes, and I get 'em too. The ...more

do spam attacks stop us from blogging?

I have been interested as well as contributing to the discussions on legalising prostitution blog. When all of a sudden it appears that it has been stopped due to spam attacks. does this mean now that spam is a censor of sorts? That we are silenced due to either advertising or by intrusive mailing? Does this also mean that if I want to bring this subject up again that either the blog websiters or the fear of future spam will stop any of us airing our views? ...more

Is that when the post you're talking about was new and fresh, there were very few comments left ...more

L&L HEAVEN Should be the Name

When I was 7 months pregnant with my son, my husband and I took a last vacation as a couple to Hawaii.  To be perfectly honest, we weren’t all that impressed with all of the cheesy tourist-y stuff, but we did get a chance to taste some really great food.  The pineapple there was so ripe and juicy and sweet (nothing like the stuff we get here in the mainland), and the things they do to pork over there is so good I’d dare call it “naughty”.  When we came back home, it wasn’t long until we started really missing the food.  Luckily, we live in the age of ...more

Spam Is Not Just Annoying- Turns Out it is Bad for the Planet Too!

We all know how much time it takes to weed spam out of our inboxes, but now it turns out that what was once seen as just an annoying waste of time, in fact has a much bigger impact on the planet!  ...more

Dream spam

According to the hubby, I was talking in my sleep and giving out my email address to unknown dream world recipients. I wonder what kind of spam I'll get from the dream world? Maybe something like the following exciting offers: ...more