What do you have to lose?

I try very hard not to lose my temper with my son. I repeat phrases in my head like "he's only six" or "he's still learning" or "will he have a memory of this moment?" but sometimes it is inevitable. I yell; he cries; he loses things....more

Would You Spank if Your Child Would Turn Around His Behavior in 48 Hours?

I know spanking is such a controversial topic these days. We do spank, and I am so glad we do. This is the book that opened my eyes to the way I was letting my kids dictate the rules. Now that everyone knows who's actually in charge, my house runs so much more smoothly. Once I implemented these guidelines, my two older children (4 and 2 at the time), turned their misbehaving attitudes right around, and I only ever had to spank them twice EVER AGAIN. It basically happened overnight....more

To Whoop or Not to Whoop

Do you whoop your kids?...more

The Misconception of Spanking

I am not a NFL fan. I don't watch football. I am European. But the recent headlines of domestic violence hit home nevertheless. First, Ray Rice's contract was terminated as a result of him punching his fiancee unconscious (or should I say the public outcry over the video led to his termination). Then Adrian Peterson was indicted on charges of reckless or negligent injury to a child....more

New Kansas Law Could Allow Spanking of Children that Causes Redness and Bruising: Say What?

A few months ago, I was at a "mommy's night" house party with some women I don't know very well. As the wine flowed, so did the conversation, each of us bringing to the table our recent anecdotes, exciting stories and frustrations. At some point, one of the women started in on how much her children were annoying her lately. She related stories of back talk, open defiance and sibling in-fighting, and we all nodded our heads sympathetically. Then she said something that made my blood run cold: "My hand actually hurts from all the spankings I've had to give lately." ...more
There is a huge difference between a spanking on the bottom and your father beating you with a ...more

To Spank or Not to Spank? A Squirrel Satire

Once upon a time there lived frazzled Mama Squirrel who, one day, took her two baby squirrels to the nearby playground to get out their chitters and squeaks in the fresh air so she wouldn't be a complete nutcase by dinnertime....more
Thanks! I was in love with the photos too. My daughter is mildly obsessed with squirrels and ...more

To Spank or Not to Spank: What you didn’t see on today’s episode of “Bethenny”

Today, the episode of “Bethenny” that Kari from A Grace Full Life and I attended as part of the trip I won to NYC aired.  During the show, there was a discussion about whether or not you should spank your children.Melissa Gorga mentioned that her grandmother used to chase her around with a wooden spoon.  It was something that immediately resonated with me.  Which is why I raised my hand and added my experience to the conversation....more

Part 2: Three Reasons to Stop Spanking Kids

 This post is written in an effort to clarify some of the questions and concerns raised in my recent blog featured on Mamapedia titled Three Reasons to Stop Spanking Kids. Below are a few of the more common, constructive misconceptions:...more

The Swat Team

When Sweet Babou and I brought forth from our gametes the miracle of a cute daughter, we were glad we had decided not to spank. Corporal punishment has proven repeatedly to be no more effective than other punishments and there are scary articles all over the place saying you suck if you do it. We thought, “There is no compelling reason to spank, especially when it is easy to lose your temper and smack their tushies a little too hard, so let us eschew it.”...more
There is a reason my parents always said "this hurts me more than you" when I was spanked. ...more