A question about undressing

A question about undressing (photo credit: babble.com....more

Is it Classy to Go Commando?

Go Commando, we all know what it is....more

This would be a funny post if it wasn't true, or if I was talking about someone else.

This would be a funny post if it wasn’t true, or if I was talking about someone else.A perk to never doing my hair and makeup and living in pajamas is when I DO do myself all up, I look totally different.  Like, wow! You clean up real nice!  Dennis was all, “Is that a new shirt?  Where did you get those jeans?”  Yea, I was even making my clothes look good....more

A Year in the Exwife Life

Exwifenewlife is officially one year old!!   No autographs please, and Lisa Kudrow have your agent call my agent if you would like to play me in the movie.  You too Julia Roberts.  Yes Brad, you can play my love interest, but I don't want all those brats hanging around the set.   How did you get my number anyway?...more

Facts About Lip Gloss


Spanx? No thanks.

So this week I'm making my Hoopnotica Instructer training video, and after seeing myself in a test of said video, I nearly cried. I'm not thrilled with my body, but on most days I take it in stride. I work out and eat better and have lost some pounds since beginning hooping. Still, nothing could have prepared me for that video. It was at the point where I honestly felt like my respect for Husband had decreased, because he married me (and I was like 15 pounds heavier then!). But I got over it and headed out to buy some Spanx. Yes, that dreaded undergarment....more

Grasping at Thin


Public relations can work for you

A common misconception is that advertising and public relations are the same. Let me clarify. Advertising is paid placement; PR is third-party coverage, as in a reporter included you or your business in an article. This can be much more credible than advertising, but you lose the control you have when you place an ad. A good PR campaign can have lasting effects, creating buzz and driving sales. ...more

Wrinkle Creams, Diet Pills and Bath Water

Do you have wrinkles? Are you overweight? Need to hide that tummy bulge? Want to look younger? Need concealer? Cover that gray hair. Get veneers for your teeth. Win a makeover! We are constantly bombarded with information on how to fix this and how to get what we don't have. Reinvent, redo and repair. (oh and by the way, it'll cost ya!) It is usuallly based on appearance and the focus is on the perceived negative; the inadequate; what we aren't, what we don't have and what needs fixing. Throw this judgemental baby out with the stinkin' bath water. ...more

The Perfect T-shirt Bra

Once upon a time, my mother owned a small high-end lingerie store. I grew up reading "The Little House" series in the cozy chair where husbands and boyfriends often sat while their wives and girlfriends shopped for negligees. I followed along during buying trips at the LA Mart, felt the silks in my hands and gleaned how to judge cut and construction. I was probably one of the few children who learned bra sizes around the same time I learned my times tables. ...more

@Lizzy Ann:If you've got bra bulge, you may be wearing the wrong size bra.  Is the band ...more