Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Halloween lip glosses in Queen of Hearts and Wicked Witch

Well well well! I know it's not Halloween, but since it's my favorite holiday, I always feature Halloween-ish items. Case in point today, as I bring you two of the lip glosses Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers had out for Halloween. I bought the red, which is called Queen of Hearts, and the black, Wicked Witch. I have no idea what possessed me to buy the black one! haha...more

Own Your Sparkle

 If you've been anywhere near the Internet, Social Media, or a television for the last month, you like the rest of us, we're inundated by countless ads and messages urging us to "Go see Sparkle", It was a "must see", If you didn't see it "your life was over"...we'll maybe not that last part, but it was something to that effect; The promoters were definitely pitching it as the movie of the century....more

Sparkle and Shine

I can hardly believe it - BlogHer 2012 is next week! It seems like I've been waiting quite some time for this conference to roll around, and now it is upon me!One of the signature parties at the BlogHer conference is called Sparklecorn, and the sparkly theme of the party has me dreaming up some fun attire. If I were to don a glittery frock for the party, here is a selection of what I'd want to wear:...more

fashion: some sort of dick'n rock'n dickie eve

Well, it's finally happened. In all the hustle and bustle of cursing the very name of Barnes & Noble for cancelling my online order finalizing our gifts for family and friends, it's finally happened. We've been invited to more than one New Year's Eve party.   Gah, it's rough being so popular....more

Creating the Sparkle: Passion - What's Yours?

Sparkle, that word gives an instant mental picture. Something that is beautiful, something that brightens its surroundings, that makes a change to its world. Something that is out of the ordinary, that brings happiness.. This goes hand in hand with passion. And no I'm not talking passion like in the adult movies, but true deep passion for something that wells out of your deepest inner parts. ...more

Give the BlogHer Posts You Love a Little Extra Sparkle

You know how sometimes you read a post and you really want to comment, but you just don't have time? And then there are other posts that you really enjoyed reading and you'd like to say so -- but you aren't sure what to say in the comment box? You can Tweet the posts you like or you can share them to your Facebook wall. But sometimes you just want to do something else ... ...more

I think the idea of sparkle is genius!!!! I have had way too many moments where I wish I had ...more


Where do you get your diamonds?  Are they certified by the Kimberley Process as "conflict free" diamonds?  If so, you've purchased a sense of well being, but KP authentication is no guarantee of a bloodless sparkly.  The Kimberley Process certification "guarantees" that certain diamonds don't come from conflict countries.  If you only buy KP diamonds, the thinking goes, you'll have avoided funding bloody revolutions and enslaving minors.  Sweet....more

Holiday Style on a Budget

I used to use the holidays as an excuse to splurge on myself and my loved ones, but since having kids I've become that tired old cliche of a mom. I take joy in picking out the perfect presents for my kids, my husband, our extended family, our friends, but I can't bring myself to splurge on myself. Not even a little bit. I make my husband promise not to buy me anything. I return gifts given to me and buy clothes for my kids or practical things like a toaster. Buying things for other people makes me happy, but buying - or even receiving - things for myself just seems to bring me pain....more

I love the cute bow necklace.  So simple--perfect for the holidays.


Glitter for the holidays: A little dab'll do ya

I would hereby like to admit a secret compulsion to douse myself in glitter this time of year. Yes, me, an ordinarily not-so-glittery kind of gal. As Poppy most excellently put it, a veteran of the 1990 Urban Decay Glitter Wars should know better.  And I do. Mostly.  ...more

If there's any time of the year when glitter is acceptable & appropriate, it's the ...more

The right (and OH SO WRONG) way to sparkle this holiday season

Ever since I embarked upon my path towards becoming the total makeup addict that I am today, I've embraced all manner of beauty products without judgment. Violet eyeliner? Why not? Body temperature-influenced blush gel? Bring it on! Vibrating mascara? Send it my way! Yes, I've been up for trying almost any product at least once. Anything, that is, except for products containing glitter or sparkles of any sort. ...more

 I think I have an old photo of me like that somewhere too - I remember very well putting ...more