Spartan Race Recap: I conquered the SoCal Beast

Last weekend I ran in the Spartan Beast in SoCal and didn't die successfully finished! It wasn't easy, but it actually wasn't torture. Real talk, this was the longest distance I've ever done in life. Period. ...more

My First Spartan of the good, the bad, and the surprising

Last weekend I completed the Monterrey Spartan Super (yay me!) and it was such an awesome experience! I intended to write a Spartan race review much sooner, but when I tell you that I needed the full week for even my brain to recover from that thing, I'm not playin....more

Reebok Spartan Race GIVEAWAY!!!

When I was approached to write an article for the Reebok Spartan Race I first had to ask:  "What is that anyway?"  All I knew about Spartans came from my Greek literature classes in college.  And from those I merely knew that the Spartans were the fighters.  After viewing this video I understood perfectly well why this race was named THE SPARTAN RACE....more
I wasn't able to leave a post on Facebook (Don't know why) but I shared your post & liked your ...more

You Think You Want To Do A Spartan Race? (Oh look. I left my balls at home.)

The race is coming to Calgary mid-August and I am so tempted to try it! Just to see how far I ...more