Rage Against the Majority

I was positively transfixed watching the Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives stage asit-in and then actually teared up when they burst into "We Shall Overcome". Why? I am no stranger to activism and civil disobedience. What made this different is that the protestors and the "protestees" are on the same team i.e. not us versus them but rather them versus them - a body rising up against itself. Also, the method of protest was old school despite the aid of Periscope and Facebook. What is going on? ...more

The bigger the fish tank the worse the service ...

It is quite common for places of business to showcase fish tanks for the benefit of their waiting customers. Though a believer that fish should be left in their natural habitats, as a diver, I love watching fish and am drawn to the tanks immediately....more

Enter the Flexitarian

Food issues are a thing. People eat with a purpose which can be ideological, health based, weight loss related or simply trendy....more

Veterans Are Our New Vulnerable Class

This weekend spcaLA partnered with Animals for Armed Forces® to give pets to  members of the military and their families at  no charge....more

Are There Bugs in My Bangs

 I have been inside more "hoarding houses" than anyone should ever have to. They are scary, dark, smelly and exude anguish, sorrow and  hostility....more

Because We Can-Should We? $100,000 For Cloned Dog

A man in New Mexico paid $100,000 to clone Old Blue, his dying dog. He sent Blue's, DNA to a laboratory in South Korea while he was still alive, where it was stored until the request came to proceed with the cloning. Blue, the new puppy is a genetic replica of Old Blue and appears to be his carbon copy.  ...more

Marijuana Pain Patch For Animals Coming Soon

A Seattle company has developed a marijuana pain patch for use on dogs, cats and horses suffering from arthritis, cancer, and other chronic pain. The company, Medical Marijuana Delivery Systems (MMDS), acquired a patent for the patch which was developed in 2000 by Walter Cristobal of the Santa Ana Pueblo Tribe of New Mexico. According to Culture Magazine, Mr....more
That's crazy! This topic seems to be booming all around us here in Seattle. more

While Dining With My Family I Received A Text ....

While dining with my family I received a text containing a photo of this dog, brought in by spcaLA Humane Officers. Upon their insistence I showed them the picture. Each gasped audibly enough to attract the attention of other diners, neither had seen anything like it before and both looked at me puzzled. I asked them what they thought I did every day to which they replied "attend cockfights, inspect elephants, and rescue animals during disasters"....more

Study Suggests No Such Thing as Hypoallergenic Dogs

There is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog. Yet millions of allergy sufferers search for this magical fix.  Even President Obama claimed has could not adopt a shelter dog because his daughter needed a hypoallergenic puppy.  Animal experts have been asserting, forever, that while some dogs shed less than others, all dogs have dander and saliva which will impact the susceptible sufferer. ...more

New Study Says Pets Are Good for You

A recent study, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, concluded that pets are an important source of social support and provide many psychological and physical advantages for their human companions....more