Get Comfortable with Playing What If: An Interview with Nina Bhatti

Today one of our speakers from BlogHer Entrepreneurs answered a couple of interview questions as we continue to near the conference in Silicon Valley next week. Nina Bhatti is currently the founder of a mobile technology start-up in stealth mode. Doesn't that just sound cool? She was previously the Principal Scientist for HP Labs. She'll be speaking on our How Do Engineers Hire Developers panel on Day Two of the conference. ...more

BlogHer Food Interviews: Scale Your Small Business

This week's BlogHer Food '13 speaker interview features two of the panelists from the Scale Your Small Business session. What's that all about? It's about growing your blog beyond a website and treating it like the blossoming business it has become. I asked our speakers this question to help you out: If you could offer just ONE piece of advice to those looking at re-framing their blog as a business, what would it be?...more

BlogHer Food Interviews: Brand-Blogger Relations

This week's BlogHer Food '13 speaker interview brings us the panelists from our Brand/Blogger Relations session. Working with brands is an issue that newer and seasoned bloggers alike struggle with, so I asked the speakers to share something with us: Share one tip as a teaser to your panel how PR friendly bloggers can work better with brands. Just one!...more
Thanks for this great and insightful post. I've worked with brands for some time now and often ...more

BlogHer Food Interviews: Pro Food Photography on the Fly

This particular BlogHer Food '13 interview made me simultaneously hungry and inspired to pick up my camera. So often food bloggers have such amazing photos that I figure they must spend hours upon hours not only cooking but photographing and editing. The panelists of our Pro Food Photography on the Fly shared a few tips about keeping it easy (and real) when I asked them this question: Would you kindly share one of your "On the Fly" photos with us and share how you achieved that look? It might inspire attendees to realize they can achieve great photos relatively easily!...more
Awesome tips. I'm trying to work on my photography skills. I just use the iphone 5 for now, as I ...more

BlogHer Food Interviews: Your Brand + Your Causes

One thing that bloggers do quite well, especially food bloggers, is find ways to include their passions and their causes in their posts. For our BlogHer Food speaker interview this week, I asked the speakers in the Your Brand + Your Causes panel this question: Would you show us an example post of how you have integrated your causes into your food blog and share a few words about how either readers react or how you got to a point where you felt comfortable and/or compelled to share your cause?...more
Some fellow bloggers and I have found a really cool way to bring local causes and local bloggers ...more

BlogHer Food Interviews: How and Where to Distribute Your Videos

I have to tell you: Doing these speaker interviews for BlogHer Food '13 has been really fun so far! Not only am I inspired to do more with my blogs, but I'm also kind of hungry. This week I hit a topic I know that many of our attendees are curious about -- video -- and asked the speakers of our How and Where to Distribute Your Video panel this question: How did you learn which platform worked best for your videos? Do you have any funny or important trial and error stories to share with our readers?...more

BlogHer Food Interviews: The Principles of Storytelling

It's time for another BlogHer Food '13 interview with some of our great speakers. This week we're featuring the lovely faces behind the Principles of Storytelling session. Quite honestly, my favorite food blogs are the ones that tell me a story as they share a recipe. So, I asked the panelists the following: As you're speaking on Food Storytelling, would you care to share your favorite "food story" post, either on your blog or another food blog and a brief note on why it sticks out in your head?...more

BlogHer Food Interviews: How to Fake Great Photos

I have some fantastic news for all of you attending BlogHer Food '13 this June in Austin, TX. We're starting our speaker interviews this week! We started this series a few conferences ago and we've found that it helps our attendees pick and choose between which sessions they want to attend as well as helping our speakers when people leave comments on their interview posts. Plus, it's fun! And so, the question I asked this week was of our panelists in the How to Fake Great Photos session: Many bloggers, food or otherwise, get anxious when it comes to photography. What's one thing you can tell them here, before your session, to help calm their fears about food and blog photography?...more
To be honest I’m kind of don’t like to idea to fake a great photo if that mean literally to fake ...more