Parent Teacher Conferences Gone Bad

f you follow me on Instagram (jwarrenauthor), then you might have seen my post this week about mom guilt. That was due to a parent teacher conference that I had via phone with my son’s preschool teacher. The conversation turned into a “Is he ready for Kindergarten?” bit with the teacher saying all sorts of comments such as:  ...more

That's Private!

The concept of “privacy” is a hard one to teach. It’s a very abstract concept, that has many exceptions, and no one hard-and-fast rule. Most of our special needs cherubs, especially those on the spectrum, thrive on hard-and-fast rules, and exceptions are tricky. Abstract concepts, like privacy, are hard for our kids to understand and generalize. They may act in ways that seem disrespectful or rude, but really, they just don’t understand....more

The Teacher, the UK, and the Donation

Check out my fundraiser. Click here for my GoFundMe page. I am trying to raise funds to help buy my airline ticket to England for a summer study abroad fellowship I was selected for....more

The Classroom Project/ Rossier.



Check out this video: (Click Here) False Crack Baby Scare Video...more

My two cents on education

When Alex was born 19 years ago we lived in a well-funded school district. Services and supports were available from her birth until she started kindergarten. These services were provided by a cooperative of special education districts and were my first teachers. At age four Alex was dually placed in a special education program and a local pre-school for two years....more

Mainstream Consequences

Have a look at this recent story on Nightline.  Even if you've already seen it, watch it again.  Please....more

Tony-Lynn; Sunshine

Fight The System

I’m breaking the binds that hold me in this “stuck” position that I’ve been in the for the past few months.  Like waking up out of a fog, I’m moving forward, being pulled towards our family goals and finally seeing the light at the end of this tunnel. ...more
 @@BehavioralChild Thank you!  I've just spent the last hour reading other mom's posts about ...more

First Days

"There's only one first day of school."...more